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Strafford, Orange Vermont's Robinson Cemetery Holds Key to Parentage

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

Abiathar Smith Robinson b December 1829 married Julia Ann Tuller of Royalton, Windsor, Vermont in the next door village of Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont on February 29, 1852 when Julia was 18 years old and he was 5 years older.  I wondered why Julia married there and not Royalton, where she came from.  Abiathar was living in Tunbridge at the time, at least in 1852.  I believe the John Robinson, age 51, listed on the 1850 census living with Julia's family, was his father.  So this is why.  There were other Robinsons living in Tunbridge.

It's been several years since I had investigated, so went back and this time was interested in where people were buried.  I found out that the 2 villages were next door, all right, but in 2 different counties.  In Orange County there was a Robinson Cemetery, so I went in to find the possible connection of Abiathar's father and home; Strafford, Orange, Vermont, where the Robinson cemetery lay.

From Tunbridge to Strafford, Orange, Vermont is 8.8 miles.  Today we can drive it in 22 minutes.
From Tunbridge to Royalton, Windsor, Vermont is 8.4 miles.  Today we drive it in 15 minutes.  

In Tunbridge is the Hunt Cemetery and it had only 5 Robinsons listed but had 448 people interred there.  
1. Mary Bicknell Robinson 1802-1867 who was married to a James Robinson 1800, son of David and Martha on 3 January 1825.  Inscription read (wife of J Robinson).  No tombstone picture.  I haven't found him as yet.  I may have a David listed in my name bank, but not identified by a wife or marriage date.  It's impossible to connect with such sketchy information.

2. Martha Robinson 1827-1874 daughter
3. James T. Robinson 1831-1897 son
4. Mary Ann Robinson 1825-1894 daughter
5. Alma Robinson Noyes 1833-1902 daughter
6.. James Robinson 1836-1878  no clue as to who he is.  
7. Susan Robinson Miller 1835-1900, wife of James Miller, no clue to her parents.  By the birthdate, she could be another daughter of Mary Bicknell Robinson.  
8. Anna Robinson Gates, wife of Jonas Gates, 1769-1841
There was also a Lucia Sleeper nee Durkee 1870-1902.  Julia Ann Tuller's mother was Asinith Durkee married to Alonzo Charles Tuller.  These Tullers had also gone to Illinois, which is where Abiathar and Julia Ann went and died there.  The Durkees was a large and important family, at least much later on when they manufactured Durkee's spices, mayonaise, etc.  Lucia was Julia Ann's 6th cousin, and her mother, Asenith Durkee's 5th cousin once removed; remote, but using this same cemetery, so stayed in the area.  

There were 10 other Durkees listed in this Cemetery; Alice E. Noyes, 1849-1936; Charles Roswell Durkee 1883-1953;  Elmer Foster Durkee 1870-1941;  Etta Lynn Durkee Larkin 1871-1943;  George Durkee 1907-?;  George Whitney Durkee 1843-1931;  Marcy Durkee 1796-1814;  Mary Gladys Durkee Larkin 1881-1950;  Phebe Durkee White b:?-1817;  Sarah Durkee b?-1843.  
                                                  Robinson Cemetery in Strafford, Orange, Vermont

In Orange County, Vermont is Strafford, Vermont which is also listed on findagrave in the listings along with HUNT CEMETERY , so I investigated and found ROBINSON CEMETERY, so naturally I investigated.  It held 185 people, not all Robinsons.  

There were 3 Durkees, 12 Fay, 9 Mosher, 17 Ordway, and 24 Robinsons.  These were just some of the surnames that caught my eye.  There were many other interesting ones, but there were no Smiths in this Robinson Cemetery.  We have a DNA Y haplogroup match with Dyer, and there is one Dyer in the Robinson Cemetery and that is George Lee Dyer b: November 24, 1905 on Thanksgiving Day in Stafford, and buried  May 29, 1976 in Stafford, Orange, Vermont.  

The last Robinson on the list was Zeruiah A. Tyler Robinson married to Hiram Robinson, and now I feel that they are Abiathar Smith's parents.  Their names are from a list I just found yesterday from a Descendants of William Robinson listing.  Hiram was on my list, just barely without a wife.  I have him listed as the son of Daniel Robinson and Betsy Buell.  They are both buried in this Robinson Cemetery and Daniel had moved to Stafford from Rushville, Yates, New York while Zeruiah was born in Connecticut.  
                           King David connects the names of Zeruiah and Abiathar

Look at the names.  Zeruiah is from the Old Testament or Torah.  sometime transliterated Tzruya or Zeruya) is a character in the Hebrew Bible. She was the older sister of King David. According to the Babylonian Talmud (Shabbat 55) Zeruiah was daughter of Jesse (that called Nahash in another verse). Zeruiah had three sons, Abishai, Joab, and Asahel, all of whom were soldiers in David's army.

Very little is told of her. However, her sons are invariably mentioned with the matronymic "son of Zeruiah", in marked contrast to most other Biblical characters (and people in many other cultures) who are known by a patronymic. This seems to indicate that she was an exceptionally strong or important woman, though the specific circumstances are not given.  Her name is used—though not very frequently—as a female given name in contemporary Israel (see Tzruya Lahav, Zeruya Shalev).  It would be like her to name a son Abiathar, both names from the Bible and connecting to King David.  

Abiathar is in the Hebrew Bible, Torah (Old Testament) son of Ahimelech or Ahijah, High Priest at Nob, the fourth in descent from Eli (1 Sam. 23:6) and the last of Eli's House. The only one of the priests to escape from Saul's massacre, he fled to David at Keilah, taking with him the ephod and other priestly regalies (1 Sam. 22:20 f., 23:6, 9). He was of great service to David, especially at the time of the rebellion of Absalom.

Descendants of Hiram Robinson: 
1   Hiram Robinson b: December 06, 1806 in prob. Strafford, Orange, Vermont
.. +Zeruiah A. Tyler b: January 19, 1808 in prob Strafford, Orange, Vermont
. 2   Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in New York/  Strafford, Orange, Vermont
..... +Julia Ann Tuller b: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
. *2nd Wife of Abiathar Smith Robinson:
..... +Mary Jane Unknown Walters b: November 1832 in Ohio
. 2   [1] Marinda A. Robinson b: 1832 in prob. Strafford, Orange, Vermont
. 2   [2] Daniel Robinson III b: January 1834 in prob. Strafford, Orange, Vermont
..... +[3] Louisa Eloesa A. Fullam b: November 15, 1833 in Vermont
. 2   [4] Emily M. Robinson b: 1841 in prob. Strafford, Orange, Vermont
*2nd Wife of Hiram Robinson:
.. +Abigail George b: October 20, 1815 in Vermont
With the line I have found, we now go back to find our ancestor: 
1. Abiathar Smith Robinson 1829 Strafford, Orange, Vermont--Julia Ann Tuller/Tullar
2. Hiram Robinson 1806 Strafford, Orange, Vermont--Zeruiah Tyler
3. Daniel Robinson 1769 Rushville, Yates, New York--Betsy Buell
4. Daniel Robinson 1735-1820 --Lucretia Pierce
5. Ebenezer Robinson 1697 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts --Elizabeth Read/Reed
6. Samuel George Robinson 1654  Rehoboth, Massachusetts--Mehitable Read/Reed
7. George Robinson 1626 Glasgow, Scotland or Yorkshire, England--Johanna Ingraham

How did I ever wind up with a Scotsman when our DNA haplogroup matches Irish people?  We have a haplogroup match with James Alton Robinson in Maine who ended up with Meppershall, England.  Earlier, I worked very hard to connect to Meppershall, but am not sure about the parents.  So I do have one route to get there.  

The problem is that 1850 census in the USA is the earliest one with both male and female names on it.  1840 only lists the head of the family, a man in most all cases, and the rest of the family are tally marks under a heading of sex and ages.  How anyone can go back into time with this information is most difficult.  It's where we get into trouble.  So, both James and I may have erred along the way, unless there is other evidence.  
Our oral history from my grandfather was that our ancestor (?) came over not on the Mayflower of 1620 but the one after that, so winding up in Rehoboth, Massachusetts is good.  I've checked with the John Robinson connection of John Robinson, Reverend who sent the Pilgrims over from Holland, and we're not of the same haplogroup as they are.  In fact, I just found out that James and I have no other matching haplogroups in the group of R1s.  so we're pretty rare.  Reverend John never made it to America but his son, Isaac, did come over and they have a huge tree.  
Update: 11/11/14:   I asked today when our familyfinder results would be in as it has  been 6 weeks; just got the reply-it failed quality control and is rerunning.  No idea when I'll get results now.  The company was off for Veteran's Day earlier.  
Update: 3/11/17:  Our Robinson line's Y haplogroup is now called R-L21.  It was the old R1b1a2a1a1b4.  
It's unusual in that the DYS 393, the first allele listed in the test, is a 12 instead of the usual 13.  He's had the 67 alleles tested.  Those  who also are DYS393=12 represent less than 3/10s of 1%. That is an extremely small proportion.

"It looks like DYS393=12 may indicate an R1b3 man descended from an eastern branch (Turkey, Armenia, Iraq) of that haplogroup, and that DYS393=13 seen in R1b3 men descended from the western European branch.
Resource:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~donegalstrongs/dnareivers.htm
PS, just joined or rejoined the Border-Reivers Group Study again, one group with listed people with DYS 393 as a 12.  I hope someone is still managing this group.  


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