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Richard Warren-13th signer of Mayflower Compact-Connection to Elizabeth Warren of 2016?

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"Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American academic and politician. She is a member of the Democratic Party, and is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts."   She was born June 22, 1949. Wikipedia

Elizabeth Warren is being considered as a vice President for Hillary Clinton.  She has been passing herself off as a native American, which turns out to not be true at all. This has angered a few native Americans about this lie of  "want-ta-be."  
"The New England Historical Genealogical Society initially announced in May 2012 that they had found evidence for Warren's claims, but later recanted, saying, "We have no proof that Elizabeth Warren’s great great great grandmother O.C. Sarah Smith either is or is not of Cherokee descent." 
"For months, talk of Warren’s family has had a bitter, biting edge to it, following revelations that she had claimed a Native American heritage in employment forms and law teaching directories. She has said that her heritage claim, based on family lore and no documentation, did not bring her any ­career advantages." That claim would have had to be counting on her Herring or Reed ancestry, wherever this great great great grandmother, Sarah Smith had been a part of, and not her husband's Warren ancestry.  
On the 1817 Cherokee Reservation Roll Results info, I found# 357 William Reed that could be followed up.  None listed for Herring.  None listed for Warren.  Smith hit the jackpot, of course.  
List of Reservation
Res IDLastFirst
404 Smith Cabbin 
405 Smith Henry 
406 Smith Polly 
407 Smith Walter 

Elizabeth was born on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Donald Jones Herring and his wife, Pauline Louise Reed.  Elizabeth Herring married Jim Warren, a NASA engineer,  and then divorced in 1978.  He had been her high school boyfriend.  She has since remarried Bruce Mann.
Her genealogy on her father's side is that her father, Donald Jones Herring, was born November 5, 1911 and died December 3, 1997 in Oklahoma.  He was the son of Grant Leslie Herring and Ethel Virginia Herring, maiden name not given.  He was the husband of Pauline Louise Herring and brother of Raymond G, Ruth Virginia and Jack W. Herring.  
Signing the Mayflower Compact: was Richard Warren.  Is he an ancestor of Elizabeth Warren's former husband, Jim Warren?
The Mayflower Compact, signed by 41 English colonists on the ship Mayflower on November 11, 1620,   was the first written framework of government established in what is now the United States.The compact was drafted to prevent dissent amongst Puritans and non-separatist Pilgrims who had landed at Plymouth a few days earlier.
John Carver                                                      Edward Tilley                                            Degory Priest
William Bradford                                                      John Tilley                                            Thomas Williams
Edward Winslow                                               Francis Cooke                                         Gilbert Winslow
      William Brewster                                               Thomas Rogers                                     Edmund Margesson
Isaac Allerton                                                     Thomas Tinker                                            Peter Brown  
      Myles Standish                                                 John Rigsdale                                         Richard Britteridge
John Alden                                                        Edward Fuller                                           George Soule
Samuel Fuller                                                     John Turner                                             Richard Clarke
Christopher Martin                                             Francis Eaton                                          Richard Gardiner
William Mullins                                                 James Chilton                                           John Allerton   
William White                                                    John Crackstone                                    Thomas English
Richard Warren                                                   John Billington                                           Edward Doty    
John Howland                                                    Moses Fletcher                                         Edward Leister
Stephen Hopkins 
                            Listed here are 40 of the 41 names.  I notice Richard Warren here is #12th to sign, and my records say he was #13.  That would be the 12th signer who is missing in the list.  The name, Clark/Clarke was a name on my tree that I had to wade through to reach this ancestor.  Hope I did it correctly.
Mayflower that sailed in 1620 
Our genealogy shows the Robinsons connecting to the famous Richard Warren (1578 -1628)  who was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact while on the ship, The Mayflower, that sailed from Holland to Plymouth Rock in the New World. 11/18/2002  Richard Warren was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact.
Richard Warren is an ancestor to many famous Americans.  Among them are Presidents Ulyssses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American in space and fifth man to walk on the moon.   I had been wondering if she were a relative.  Our oral history is that our grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson, said that one of his father, Abiathar Smith Robinson's sons had married an Indian princess.  I haven't been able to locate that piece of lore.  It's amazing that wikipedia neglected to list this man in their list of Warrens, so important to American history.  

What Elizabeth should have done before she told people that she was a native American was to have documentation through her family tree that this was true.  Then she should have followed it up with today's DNA testing, either at 23&Me, Family Tree DNA's familyfinder test,  or Ancestry which then could be shared with GedMatch to authenticate such a claim, since DNA tests would show this.  One wonders why she felt it necessary to tell people this whopper.  Was it to gain something?  Obviously, but what, favors? 

My Robinson 1st cousin matches both a Warren and a Reed as 5th cousins.  I do not know their histories, but this is interesting. 
The way we are connected to Richard Warren is explained in my notes from : 5/10/12: He is my brother, David and my 9th great grandfather this way;
Richard Warren to  his daughter Sarah Warren, Mary Cooke, Sarah Taber, Sarah Corey, Abraham Brown, Mary Brown who married Reverend Martin Tuller, 1st cousin 3 X removed from our great grandmother, Julia Ann Tuller of Royalton, Vermont.  Julia Ann Tuller was our great grandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson's wife, parents of Frank Hugh Robinson who was born in Illinois.    

We're having trouble believing a lot of candidates for President.  Now we can't trust someone who lies about their ethnicity.  Politicians.  Won't they ever learn?  
Resource: CNN News

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