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Amos Robinson in Royalton, Vermont1800-1830

The census of Royalton in 1800 showed 2 males under 10, most likely Amos III and Hiram, 1 between 26 and 45 which would be Amos Jr at age 33, and 1 female between 10-16, 1 between 26-45 which would be Levina at age 27. Kay could not identify the daughter or the son and thought perhaps they came from an earlier marriage.

The census of Royalton in 1810 showed Amos Robinson. According to Kay Robinson, researcher, it showed 1 male uner 10, 2 males of 10 and under 16, 2 males of 16 and under 26, 1 mal of 26 and under 45. Amos Jr. would be 43 yrs old, and it showed 2 females under 10, 1 of 10 and under 16, 2 of 16 and under 26, 1 of 26 and under 45. Elizabeth would be 26.

The census of Royalton in 1820 showed 2 males uner 10, most likely Hartwell, age 5 and Daniel, age a few months, 1 between 10 and under 16, most likely Allen age 15, 4 white males between 16 and 26, most likely Amos III 23 yrs, Hiram 21 yrs, Cephas, 19 yrs and Joel 17 yrs., 1 male 45 and upwards md. head of family which would be Amos Jr. He was 53 yrs old in 1820, and `1 female under 10 most likely Marilla age 3, 1 female between 10 and 16, most likely Emily age 13, 1 between 26 and under 45 incl head of family which could be Elizabeth Hughes who was 36 yrs old in 1820. Kay had not accounted for Marcia, who would be 10, or George, who would be 16


1810 Swanton, Vermont Census

Swanton is located in Franklin County, 10 miles north of St. Albans along Highway 7 on the banks of the Missisquoi River near Lake Champlain. It's close to the New York side. It is one of the few places in Vermont where Native Americans are known to have had a permanent settlement. In the past, smuggling was one of Swanton's most lucrative businesses. This town near the Vermont-Quebec border was the scene of controversy when enterprising Vermonters drove cattle across the border into Canada and sold them to British soldiers during the War of 1812. Twentieth-century smugglers followed in their predecessors' footsteps during Prohibition. It's possible that the following Robinsons were involved with the above smuggling during 1810. Also, the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1943, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain near the Canadian border in Franklin County, Vermont. The headquarters is 2 miles NW of Swanton, on Route 78. It's a 6,642-acre refuge that includes most of the Missisquoi River delta where it flows into Missisquoi Bay. It consists of quiet water and wetlands that attract large flocks of migratory birds. The Upland areas of the refuge are a hardwood mix of American elm, white ash, white oak, silver and red maple, and open fields. Both provide habitat for migratory song birds, resident mammals and other wildlife. One can imagine what it was like to live in 1810 Swanton.
Swanton had many Robinsons.
1. Amos Robinson
2. Dorian Robinson
3. Joseph Robinson (identified)
4. James Robinson
5. Israel Robinson (identified)
6. Amos Robinson
7. Asahel Robinson
8. Silas Robinson
One of these could have been the father of Abiathar Smith Robinson.

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Tunbridge and Royalton VT Historical Societies

On 10/24/04 I emailed The Royalton Historical Society in Royalton, VT 4184 Route 14, 05068, to John Dumvile, President phone no. 802-763-8567 , and asked for possible information on Abiathar and Julia.

On 10/24/04 I emailed the Tunbridge Historical Society in Tunbridge, Vt , 224 The Crossroad, Tunbridge, VT 05077 802-889-34458, phone no. 802-889-5528 to Euclid Farnham, President 802-889-3458, and today heard it was forwarded to Euclid.

Many historical societies to genealogical searches and come up with good information.

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Abiathar Smith Robinson

Abiathar was born in 1829. His name would not appear on any census until 1850, when all persons in a family were listed. Until then, he was just a tally mark in a column, an unknown entity. His name was not recorded on any census for that year on Holly, a 4th cousin, has personally searched for his name in Vermont at County Records and has not found him. He has managed to elude all records thus far.
By 1850 he was 21 years old. He must have been living on his own by then, and possibly traveling by horseback when census takers were scouring new towns for infomation. By the time he met up with Julia Ann, the census was over, unless he was on a Vermont State census, and I have not found any. His name does not come up at all.
By 1860, he and his new family may have gone to Canada, which was not far from Vermont. He came back after the Civil war and we find him living in Wenona, Illinois where Frank Hugh Robinson and other siblings were born. He died there at age 75. Julia's headstone is large and prominant in the Wenona cemetery, but his is not there. She died first, and it is believed that the children paid for the stone.


St. Albans:Was Abiathar From Here?

Robinson/Tuller Connection Theory
Theory: St. Albans, Vermont may be birthplace of Abiathar Smith Robinson.
St Albans is near New York. Abiathar said he was born in New York. Vermont was admitted iinto the Union on March 4, 1791. He was born in 1829, only some 40 years later. To many families, that may have been New York.
Three Robinson families lived in St. Albans in 1830 that are on the census: They were all on the same page.
1. Henry Robinson : had a boy under age of 5: We have many by this name.
2. Joseph Robinson: He was born in Royalton, Vermont in 1793; perfect age to be father.
3. Silas Robinson : had a boy under age of 5
Four Smith families lived in St. Albans in 1830 that are on the census. They were all on the same page..with the Robinsons.
1. John Smith
2. Ashbell Smith
3. Worthington Smith
4. Samuel Smith : I have a person by this name b: in 1809 in Jamaica, VT.
Seven Tuller families lived in St. Albans in 1830 that are on the census. These Tullers are related to us.
1. Almond Tuller
2. Franklin Tuller
3. Hiram Tuller
4. Orin Tuller
5. Reuben Tuller
6. Reuben Jr. Tuller
7. Samuel Tuller : He is the father of Alonzo Charles Tuller.
Abiathar and Julia Ann may have come together because of family connections.
Consequently, let’s look at the New York possibility.

There were twelve Tuller families in New York in 1830. Some of them have been identified as to being on our family tree of Tullers. They were living in:
1. Sheridan, Chautaugua, NY (Anson and Meiry Tuller)
2. Bergen, Genesee, NY (Jacob Tuller)
3. Leyden, Lewis, NY (Joseph Tuller)
4. Paris, Oneida, NY (Orlando A. Tuller)
5. Fabius, Onondaga, NY (Horace Tuller)
6. Hannibal, Oswego, NY ((Harvey Tuller)
7. Mexico, Oswego, NY (Eli, Orrin, and Simon Tuller)
8. Schaghticoke, Rensselaer, NY (Charles Tuller)


1810 Royalton, Vermont Robinson and Tuller

On the 1810 Royalton, Vermont census I found
1. Amos Robinson and family: 1 2 2 1 0 males and 2 1 2 1 females =12 in family 20 yr old parents
2. Ben Packard (an Amos Robinson went to Illinois with Packard family) in 1800's.) 30 yr old

3. Daniel Tuller 0 1 0 0 1 males and 0 1 0 0 1 females =4 in family 30 yr old parents
4. Martin Tuller 0 1 0 0 1 males and 0 1 0 0 1 females = 4 in family 30 yr old parents
I think that Daniel and Martin are the sons of John L. Tuller and Anna Karner. Martin would be the famous Reverend Martin Tuller, b: 5/30/1753. He is buried in Royalton, Vt They would be Julia Ann's first cousins 3 times removed. It's a rare Tuller/ar that isn't connected somehow to our Tullers.
Our Abiathar Smith Robinson married Julia Ann Tuller, daughter of Alonzo Charles Tuller. I have many, many Tullers/ars on the tree.


Reverend John Robinson and Pilgrims

Reverend John Robinson's son Isaac was the first Robinson to arrive in New England as far as I can determine. His father had sent the Pilgrims here from Holland, but John died there before he could come. His son Isaac came over, and our tree is connected to him.

It's possible that Abiathar is connected to this group of Robinsons as the oral history was that his people came over not on the Mayflower but the next ship over. That's about true for Isaac. It could also be that Grandfather Frank Hugh had heard about Isaac and had surmised that that was his family, too. I think, though, that this was a family history story.

Also dating way back is George Robinson b; 1626 and his wife, Joanna Ingraham. Thomas Hatch b: 1598 and son Jonathan Hatch seems to be the first Hatches which we also have on our tree.

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My Robinson Connection on Tuller Side

My connection to the Robinsons is very remote. On my tree is Persis Hyde b: 1789 in St. Albans, Bay, Vermont. She was married to Ornan Tullar. Asahel Safford Hyde was her father. Her mother was Esther Robinson, b: December 16, 1771.

I have traced thousands of Robinsons through her in the hopes of linking up with Abiathar Smith.

Then Deborah Hyde b: 1734 (connected to Persis Hyde by William Hyde b: 1597, somehow, was married to Amos Robinson. This has given me reason to persue many Amos Robinsons looking for a connection. Her father was Ebenezer Hyde.

I am Ornan Tuller's 3rd great grandneice which links me to Persis Hyde, and to Esther Robinson.

Deborah Hyde is the 4th cousin twice removed to many Tuller/ars: Betsy, Charity, Reverend Martin, Naby, and Polly Tuller/ar. Both Deborah and Persis Hyde died in Vermont.

Abiathar Abiather/Abiatha : Popular First Name

1830 found 38 people listed with the name of Abiathar in the USA. 6 were in New York.
1840 found 20 people listed with the name of Abiathar in the USA. 6 were in New York.
1850 found 42 people listed with the name of Abiathar in the USA.
1860 found 12 people listed.
1870 found 11 people listed.
1910 found 5 people listed.

1830 found 48 with Abiather
1840 found 49 with Abiather
1850 found 62 with Abiather
1860 found 13 with Abiather
1870 found 16 with Abiather
1910 found 4 with Abiather

1830 found 17 with Abiatha
1840 found 17 with Abiatha
1850 found 46 with Abiatha
1860 found 24 with Abiatha
1870 found 11 with Abiatha
1910 found 3 with Abiatha.
I did not find our Abiathar/er/a Smith Robinson at all. In fact, I found no Robinsons at all.


Abiathar W. Robinson

Abiather W. Robinson was found on a church record. A.W. Robinson was a Reverend. I believe this was in a Vermont Cemetery. The information could have come from Marlene Simmons 1039 Burnett Road Sutton O.C. Joe 2kD or P.O. Box 72 Richford, VT 05476-0072. She is a professional Vermont and Canada researcher. Marlene Simmons or email: The History of Brome County in Canada by Ernest M. Tayer is at Could this person have been our Abiathar's father? We need to find out more information about him.


Tullers in Vermont 1850

In searching for Abiathar Smith Robinson who married Julia Ann Tuller, I thought I'd see how many Tullers were in Royalton in 1850, since these two married in Tunbridge, VT in 1852 and Julia was born in Royalton, VT. I found 34 Tullers in Vermont in 1850; two of which were in Tunbridge, and 8 (Julia Ann's family) were in Royalton.

1. Manchester, Bennington, Vt had 6 Tullers: Ira A 37, Sarah 37, Sylvia 14, Iva E 11, Charles 8, and Harriett 5. This is no doubt one family.
2. Barnet, Caledonia, VT had Benja n Tuller, 22.
3. Johnson, Lamoille, VT had Jane Tuller, 30.
4. Tunbridge, Orange, VT (very near to Royalton) Rachel M. Tuller living with Harvey Hutchinson 62, Hezekiah 26 (male), Mary Ellen 16, and her daughter Ruth E. Tuller age 2. Rachel could be Harvey Hutchinson's married daughter living at home; perhaps widowed.
5. Warren, Washington, VT had Allen, 31, Sally 32, Ira W. 6, Elicta 5, Laura 3, and Summer R 5 months.
6. Whitingham, Windham, VT had Lewis 65, Nancy 63, Olis 32, Gratia 30, Roana 6, Olive 1.12 (one month?)
7. Plymouth, Windsor, VT had Jonas M 40, Anna 38, Adoneram i 14, and Lucian M 1 yr.
8. Royalton, VT, finally had Alonzo Charles Tuller and family of 8.
None of these Tullers sound familiar to me as attached to Julia Ann's family. I could be wrong.
Why didn't Alonzo Charles Tuller and Julia Ann show up on this 1850 Royalton census list ?
I went back into ancestry and typed many things, then tried Alonzo Fuller. His baby, Alonzo J. Tuller came up. I went into the census and there was the whole family including Alonzo Charles age 40, stonemason, Aseneth, 34, Julia Ann 14, Samuel 11, Edwin 9, Albert 1, Olive 4, Alonzo J. 1 and of course, the unidentified John Robinson, 51. This shows that not everyone comes up correctly as they should. This time the T in Tuller did look like an F; but why did one come up and not the other?


Thanks to Researcher Kay Robinson

This Robinson blog has received a great deal of information and assistance from Kay Robinson, Robinson researcher in Wisconsin. She is a direct descendant of Amos Jr. and Amos III Robinson and has supplied much information about the Robinsons.


John Robinson on 1840 Census

There were only 9 John Robinsons listed in Vermont on the 1840 census.

1 John Robinson-Swanton, Franklin, Vermont0002100001 males and 100020001
@ Israel Robinson-2100001 male 40-50 yrs Israel is on our tree and is the son of Israel Robinson. He does have a brother John Pratt Robinson, but this man is not him as John P has been found on other census for 1840 and 1850. I cannot identify this John as yet.
@ Theopholus Durkee ? sp. 110111 males 100010001 females (Durkee was Julia Ann's mother's name.
John Robinson -Sheldon Twp., Franklin, VT- not on page 327 or 329 as said., but Ino Robinson was there with 000001 male and 000001 female.

2 John S. Robinson - Bennington, Bennington, VT-000101 males 00001001 females
@ David Robinson -00002000001 males , 0100210001 females
@ Safford Robinson-00000101 males ; a 30-40 yr and a 50-6- yrs
@Samuel Robinson-000000001 male 60-70 yrs.

3 John Robinson -Newbury, Orange, VT 000000001 males ; 000000101 females
@ Harvey Robinson-0000001 male; and 10001 females

4. John Robinson -Rutland, Rutland, VT
5. John Robinson-Calais, Washington, VT
6. John Robinson-Jamaica, Windham, VT
7. John H. Robinson-Newfane, Windham, VT
8. John H. Robinson-Cavendish, Windsor, VT
9. John Robinson-Weathersfield, Windsor, VT


Abiathar Came From Wales

Oral history has it that Abiathar's Robinsons came from Wales originally. Often, oral history proves incorrect, so we can't take this as the truth. Chances are they came from England proper.
The custom of naming in Wales was to name the 2nd son for the mother's maiden name, thus: Abiathar Smith Robinson could mean that his mother's maiden name was Smith. This is probably an English custom as well.


St. Albans, Vermont Location

Alonzo Charles Tuller b: 1809 in St. Albans, Vermont was Julia Ann Tuller's father.
2/27/04 St. Albans is 8 miles from Swanton, VT. It looks like it's on the border of NY. Cambridge is 18.3 miles away, Alburg, Enosburg Falls, Jeffersonville, Essex Junction, and Jericho are nearby. St. Albans was charted in Aug 17, 1763 (New Hampshire Grant). Originally known as St. Albans Town. It was incorporated as a village in 1859, then as a city in 1902. It has been known as "Railroad City." It was a 46 yr old settlement when Alonzo was born. It's in the NW corner of the state and has agricultural heritage, historic traditions and natural beauty. It's known for its salt of the earth people, charming towns and rolling countryside. Also in Franklin County are Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg, Fairfax, Fairfield, Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia, Highgate, Montomery, Richford, Sheldon.

Could John Robinson had been a friend from St. Albans? He had been born in Vermont, and was about 11 years older than Alonzo. Either that, or he was just a wandering soul looking for a job and a roof over his head.

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***Robinsons in Royalton, Vermont 1850 ***

There were 21 Robinsons in Royalton in 1850. There was William age 11, Charles age 8, Amos Robinson age 19 (mentioned), Joseph age 42, Lucy age 37, Amos age 19 ( There were 2 different ones) Emily age 16, George age 14, Joseph A. age 5, Timothy age 66 born in Conn., Olivia age 56, Elizabeth age 26, Jonathan age 25, Josephine age 16, John Robinson age 51 who was listed with the Alonzo Charles Tullers b: 1809 in St. Albans, VT (Julia Ann Tuller was Abiathar Smith's wife) , Amos age 52, Lois age 49, Cyrus age 29, Dwight age 18, Alfred age 15, and Calvin age 13. (Notice that they are listed as families).

The question is if there is any connection with 51 yr old John Robinson living with the Tullers and 21 year old Abiathar Smith Robinson in 1850. Could John have been his father?


Swanton, Vermont's Brown Robinson 1828

Brown Robinson b: 1799 in Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont and wife Sally Orcutt b: Nov 1801 had a son, Amos Robinson b: 27 Sept 1828 in Swanton, Vermont. Could he have had another son in 1829 (Abiathar?) Brown is on the family tree.


Other 1790 Towns in Vermont with Robinson

Addison, Addison VT had Claghorn .
Shoreham, Addison VT had Ralph.

Rupert, Bennington, Vt had Moses and Stephen.

Fairley, Orange, VT had Samuel
Northfield, Orange, Vt had Amos and Nathaniel.
Ryegate, Orange Vt had Jonathan.
Strafford, Orange, VT had Abraham and Daniel
Topsham, Orange, VT had John
Williamstown, Orange, Vt. had Ezekiel.

Castleton, Rutland, Vt had Ebenezer and Isaiah.
Clarendon, Rutland, Vt had Amos, Amos, Stephen, Stephen, and Stephen Jr.
Pawlet, Rutland, Vt had Richard.

Athens, Windham, Vt had Elijah and John.
New Fane, Windham, Vt had Jona.
Rockingham, Windham, Vt had John.
Westminster, Windham, Vt had Nathan, Nathaniel, Noah, Reuben, and Solomon


Bennington, Vermont 1790

Eleven Robinsons were in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont. They were: David, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph, Leonard, Moses, Moses Jr, Paul, Samel, and Silas.
Moses Robinson married in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont in 1790.

On the Vermont 1791 census were 2 Davids, 2 Moses, and 2 Samuel Robinsons in Reedsborough, Bennington County, Vermont.


Amos Jr. Robinsons & Sons in 1850: Mixup

There were 8 Amos Robinsons listed on the 1850 census born in Vermont.
1. Amos age 63 b: 1786 living in Cheektowaga, Erie, NY
2. Amos age 16 b: 1833 in Stowe, Lamoille, VT
3. Amos C. age 46 b: 1803 in Barton, Orleans, VT
4. Amos age 8 b: 1841 in Barton, Orleans, VT
5. Amos age 73 b: 1776 in Mendon, Rutland, VT
6. Amos age 52 b: 1797 in Royalton, Windsor, VT
7. Amos age 19 b: 1830 in Royalton, Windsor, VT
8. Amos age 19 b: 1830 in Royalton, Windsor, VT
1. An Amos Robinson was 19 years old by 1850 and living in Royalton with the Lovejoy family. Also, Heman Durkee was on the same census sheet and was 61 years old living with wife Rebecca and her mother Polly Hatch. Heman was related to Julia Ann Tuller, Abiathar Smith Robinson's wife. Julia's mother was Asenath Durkee. Heman was her father. Julia married Abiathar in 1852 in Tunbridge.

2. Amos III. Robinson b: 1797 was on the October 29, 1850 census of Royalton, Vermont at age 52. His first wife was Betsey Davis. His 2nd wife, Lois Safford was also on the census at age 49. Also on the census with Amos were their children Cyrus, Dwight, Alfred, Calvin, William, Charles, and Cyrus Safford, Polly Safford, and Nancy Safford. Amos died in 1856 in Decatur, Illinois. He is the son of Amos Jr. Robinson who follows. He must have wanted to join his father's family who was already there. His father died there in 1836.
His other children, Austin, Martha, Mary Ann, Betsey, and Nancy were not on the census.

3. Amos Jr. Robinson b: 1767 -d: 1836 went to Decatur from Royalton, Vermont with the Packard family in 1830. and also his children by Elizabeth, Daniel, Hartwell, and sister Marilla. An archaeologist was going to dig on the land owned by Amos in the Spring. (Daniel Robinson) Amos platted the land and had a farm on the land that is currently home to Millikin University and the James Millikin homestead. He helped to build the first log courhouse in Macon County which is currently located on the Macon County Historical Museum. He was paid $5.00 for his work. Amos and his sons set out apple trees and were producing a good crop when in 1836 Amos Jr., his father died and was buried on his property in a family plot amidst the apple orchard. The farm also supported a hog pasture and there were two cemeteries that bordered or were located on some of the Robinson farm. He died in Heartfield, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois.
This is the Amos that was married to Levina Bullock, and when she passed away had married Elizabeth Hughes. On the census of 1787 he was in Hartford, Windsor, VT. He emigrated to Illinois with Elizabeth Hughes, his 2nd wife in 1830. His siblings were listed as Hiram, Cephas, Joel, George, Allen Joseph Bullard, Cyrus, by Levina, and then Emily, Marcia, Hartwell, Marilla, and Daniel.
Hiram Robinson b: 1799 married Almira Morgan in 1822. Justin Morgan Sr, father of Justin Morgan Jr. is the husband of Sarah (Sally Durkee) Their common ancestor is William Durgy Durkee and Martha Cross. He was the progenitor of the Morgan Horse. 

To answer a comment, I have found that Thankful Sage married a Benjamin Robinson.  
What is most important are the census records which show the town/city the person was living in at that time.  

 Descendants of Benjamin Robinson, Mix Up

Benjamin Robinson, Mix Up b: April 24, 1749 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut d: March 25, 1838 in Chazy, Clinton, New York
.. +Thankful Sage b: November 18, 1758 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut d: December 20, 1837 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York m: June 12, 1783 in Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut


Amos Robinson in Vermont 1830

An Amos Robinson lived in Northfield, Washington County, Vermont

Another Amos Robinson lived in Waitsfield, Washington County, Vermont.

An Amos Robinson was born in Royalton, Vermont in 1830.


Hartford, Windsor County, Vermont 1810 Census

1. Daniel Robinson page
2. Eleazer Robinson page 484
3. Stephan Robinson page 657
4. Zelotus Robinson page 520
5. Ebenezer page 5335
6. James p. 534
7. Benjamin p. 654
8. Benjamin p. 655
9. Charles p. 655
10. John p. 653
11. Peter p. 653
12. Silas p 632
13. Deborah p. 524
14. Elezer p. 493


Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont 1800-1810 Census

1800 Census
1. Amos Robinson

1810 page 551
1. Amos Robinson


Hartford, Windsor County, Vermont 1800 Census

1. Amos Robinson 2 males 16-25, 1 over 45; 1 fem 10-15, 4 fem 16-25, 1 fem over 45=9
A male could be father of Abiathar here.
2. Eleazer Robinson
3. Peter Robinson
4. Stephan Robinson
5. William Robinson
6. Z..Robinson
7. Ebenezer Robinson (on 1790 census)
8. James Robinson
9. Daniel Robinson
10. Isaiah Robinson
11. Benjamin Robinson
12. Charles Robinson
13. Elijah Robinson
14. Elijah Jr. Robinson
15. Jasper Robinson.
16. Peter Robinson
17. Silas Robinson


Other 1790 Robinsons on Vermont Census

1. Eleazer Robinson--Bridgewater, Vermont 1/1/1/ total of 3
census of 1820 also in Bridgewater, Windsor, VT 1011 110001203 total 11
2. James Robinson--Chester, Vermont 3/1/2 total of 6 in family

3. Ebenezer Robinson--Reading, Vermont 1 person household
4. James Robinson --Reading, Vermont 1/2/2/ total of 5 in family
5. John Robinson--Reading, Vermont 1/3/2 total of 6 in family

6. Benjamin Robinson--Weathersfield, Vermont
7. Charles Robinson--Weathersfield, Vermont
8. Elijah Robinson--Weathersfield, Vermont

9. Silas Robinson-- Windsor, Vermont


Hartford, Windsor County, Vermont 1790 census

Hartford is a few miles away from Royalton, Vermont. Amos Robinson was listed on page 22.
He had 10 males over 16, 2 males under 16, and 5 females over 16 in the household.
Artemus Robinson was also on the census listof page 22. He had a total of 5 people in the house; 1/1/3.


Abiathar Smith Robinson December 1829 Vermont

Abiathar Smith Robinson was born in December 1829 in New York according to census information. He married Julia Ann Tuller on February 29, 1852 Royalton, Vermont, in Tunbridge, Vermont by justice of the peace Alva Button. He died in Wenona, Illinois on October 7, 1904. He had remarried after Julia Ann died to Mary Jane Unknown.

Who were his parents? I am looking for possibilities.
1. Amos Robinson was on 1830 census of Royalton, Vermont He was the only Robinson listed on the Royalton census that year. He had a boy under 5 that could have been Abiathar. The others children were: 1 boy under 10, and there was a man between 20-30 , and a man between 30-40. There were also 2 girls under 5, 1 girl under 10, and 1 or 2 woman under 30.

We know he was in Royalton, Vermont and met Julia Ann Tuller and they married in the adjoining town of Tunbridge.

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