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Comments on Hiram Robinson and Almira Morgan

After receiving information from the Sandy Creek, Oswego, NY historian which covered several Robinsons, I heard from a Robinson directly connected to this family. An Almira Morgan b: 1804, daughter of Justin Morgan, breeder of the first Morgan horse, had married Hiram Robinson b: 1799 in Royalton, Vermont. This is the family that I thought I could be connected to. The articles told of the firstJustin Morgan in the family who went down in a ship. His son-in-law, Hiram Robinson, suffered the same fate later on. One would never connect sea-faring people with horse breeders, but it happened.

" I was watching a documentary the other day and there was a mention of of a MORGAN ROBERTSON who wrote a fiction novel about a ship that goes down and the ship's name was the TITAN. The documentary was making the distinction between the the the TITAN story and the story of the TITANIC which happened years later. Do you believe that the name ROBERTSON is a derivitive of ROBINSON that could have been misspelled? I've always thought that. In one book I have of Macon County, Illinois, one of our ancestors is listed in one place as ROBERTSON and in another place as ROBINSON. Anyway, the MORGAN mention and the drowning at sea and this novel.......coincidence?"

"You mention a MORGN MARSHALL ROBINSON born in Oswego, NY....same birth place as Morgan ROBERTSON the novelist!.....we are related somehow to him...and I believe ROBERTSON was misspelled!"

My own ancestor, Abiather Smith Robinson's surname on the 1880 census in Wenona, Illinois was spelled as "Roberson." One has to take in the site and people in the family to make sure it is the same family as before and after. It was. Census takers were not always very accurate.

The history of this family was recalled by a grandson who wrote about it in 1928. He recalled a son, missing on the former lists of children that I had seen being Albert and not Abiathar. I was so disappointed.

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