Thursday, December 15, 2011


17 Generations of Robinson from England to Oregon

1. Robert Robinson b: 1465 Redriff, England
2. Robert Robinson b: 1492     "
3. William Robinson b: 1523   "
4. Henry Robinson b: 1557  London, England
5. John Robinson  b: 1580   Meppershall, England 
6. John Robinson  b: 1611      "                                James's tree
7. John Robinson b: 1641   Haverhill, Massachusetts
8. Jacob Robinson b: 1680 Topsfield, Massachusetts
9. Amos Robinson b: 1711      "
10. Amos Robinson b: 1734  Lunenburg, Massachusetts
11. Amos Robinson b: 1767 Lebanon, Connecticut  Daniel, Susan and Kay's tree
12. Cyrus B. Robinson b: 1808 Royalton, Vermont
13. Abiathar Smith Robinson b: 1829    "
14. Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1870 Wenona, Illinois
15. Edward Kenneth Robinson b: 1915 Hillsboro, Oregon
16 Robinson, male 
17. Robinson, female

Reference:  The assistance of family trees posted on ancestry as well as census information, WWI, WWII and other war records and such. 
DNA match with another leading to John Robinson in Meppershall gave me the incentive to keep on going.  My biggest brick wall was in deciding that  #12 Cyrus Robinson had to be my ggrandfather's father.  I have no other document evidence other than the census information .  That is still iffy, but it fits in. 

One huge problem is that Daniel and our dna does not match, so somewhere here I must have erred.  I know that James and we have a match, so to go from #5 to #13 is the big problem. 

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