Monday, April 30, 2012


Our R-L21 Haplogroup of Robinson

I have been checking on our ancient origins being we have a DYS#393 being an unusual 12 and now I see that our DYS# 390 is a rare 21. 

We follow: DYS# 19    DYS# 390    DYS#391      DYS# 392    DYS# 393
                     14                  21              11                  13                 12 and this is usually a 13

So, where did we originate from?  I find this DYS#390 is fairly common among the Celts and their Teutonic brethren living along the North Sea Coast according to one resource.  It could be Iberian which it is in 2 our of 3 hits.  Galicia and the Serasbourg area have a history of Celtic settlement. 

One study showed the European-Americans living in Indiana had a 2.94% with this haplogroup.  Santiqago de Compostela, Galicia had a 0.97% and Strasbourg, Alsace had a 1.01%.  My 2nd source below lists many Black communities with #390 =21. 

At familytreedna we match 3 people out of 23,386 tested from England at 12 alleles This is a 0.1% of the English population.  We had 25 matches from Ireland at a 1 step mutation at 12 alleles.  We had one match at 12 alleles with Ireland. At 67 alleles we still had only the one match with a distance of 5 and that was with England. 


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