Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hiram Robinsons in Vermont

Donna Robinson found several Hiram Robinsons born at the same time our Hiram Robinson was born. I've been devastated to find out that our Hiram is not my Hiram as the line doesn't match our dna. So one of these others could be our possibility.

Joseph Robinson was born on April 22, 1769 in Bennington Vermont and died on September 3, 1848. He and Rhoda Hawks had a son, Hiram, born 1802 in Swanton, Vermont. This Hiram died in 1803. Oh oh, he couldn't have fathered our Abiathar Smith Robinson.

Daniel Robinson and Elizabeth Buell's son was Hiram born on December 6, 1805 in Strafford, Vermont. He died on February 6, 1892 in Stafford, Vermont. That's much better as I figure that our Abiathar was born in Vermont. On one census it was said he was born in New York, but after that said Vermont. I have no evidence that says his father was a Hiram, however. It's just that we figure that Sally Robinson was married to a Hiram and that she was the mother of Abiathar. It's all conjecture. The two of them, Sally and Abiathar wound up living in Wenona, Illinois. She had been been the widow of Hiram.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Rix Robinson

Donna Robinson sent me this aid. My grandfather had a brother named Rix Robinson, which is a rather unusual name today. I couldn't find much, so Donna found this out.

If you use Ancestry Search and if you don't see Family Trees in the list click more. It gives a selection of categories. Look for theFamily Tree category and pick Ancestory World Tree. In the searchboxes of the pedigree put Edward Robinson for father, Eunice Rix for mother and Robinson for child. You get 74 hits. They include the following children:
Edward Robinson born 1788 in Mass
Rix Robinson born 1789 in Mass
Eunice Robinson born 1791 in Mass
Dennis Robinson born 1793 in Mass
Nathan Robinson born 1794 in Mass (had a son named Rix)
Lewis Robinson born 1796 in Mass
John Robinson born 1798 in NY (had a son named Rix)
Rodney Robinson born 1800 in NY
Ruby Robinson born 1802 in NY
Lucas Robinson born 1804
Clarinda Robinson born 1806 in NY
Ira Robinson born 1808 in NY
Susan Robinson born 1816 in NY
Haven't checked the rest to see if more Rix-s!, she said.

Being that my ggrandfather had once said he was born in NY, and another time Vermont, it makes me think that these NY births are possible. Vermont did belong to NY at one time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Comments about Our R-M269

"From: Vincent Vizachero who is an authority about 393=12. He runs the R1b-ht35 project. < [DNA] TRMCA for R1b1 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 09 In-Reply-To: I will oversimplify, but here's a short summary.The "old theory" is that R-M269 entered Europe sometime around 25-30 kya ago, survived the LGM in the Franco-Cantabrian refugium, and expanded to repopulated Europe immediately thereafter.

The "new theory" is that R-M269 entered Europe during the neolithic era (i.e. sometime after 8 kya ago) which would be from 8,000 BCE to about 6,000 BCE. Different people use slightly different methodologies, but most TMRCA estimates for R-P311 (which accounts for over 90% of R1b in western Europe) are in the range of 4-8 kya.In short, the data are these:1) the variance of STR haplotypes within the major western European clades is very low: consistent with the new theory but not with the old.2)

the variance of STR haplotypes is higher in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia than in western Europe: consistent with the new theory but not with the old.3) the oldest forms of R1b1b2 (those formerly called ht35 but which now have SNP-based labels) are found progressively more frequently in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia than in western Europe: consistent with the new theory but not with the old.4)"

I take it then that with a dys 393=12, our origins are more in SE Europe and SE Asia than in Western Europe per se.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Older Abiathar Robinson, wife Lucretia

There was another Abiathar Robinson born in Foxboro, Massachusetts in abt 1799 who married Lucretia W. or H. Strange born November 14, 1800 in Taunton, Massachusetts on abt July 20, 1837 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. That would have been a little late to be my Abiathar's parents as he was born in 1829. However, this Abiathar could have been his father as he would have been at least 29 years old to father him. He could have been previously married that the records haven't shown. He could have taken a trip to Vermont.

So far I haven't found this Abiathar and or Lucretia on any census. They are just recorded in three records in Massachusetts of gettin married, each record a slightly different date. The one above is recorded in the Family History Center, and the others in Mass. town records of April 4, 1838 and May 6, 1838. I wonder if they married 3 times. It just goes to show that even written records can be different.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Seven Matches in YDNA

We do have seven matches at the 12 allele level.
1. James Kenneth Robinson: we have a 91.41% match at 24 generation level.
We have a 55.88% match at the 8 generation level.
2. Richard Albert Robinson: we have a genetic distance of 1 at the 12 allele level.
The other 5 people do not have the surname of Robinson.
I have not been contacted by these two people, though I believe I've sent out emails.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Robinson Surname Popularity

Robinson is #20 in ranking in the United States according to 2000 Federal census. There are 579,471 listed Robinsons. This is a 0.233 % frequency.

On the other hand, Smith is #1 with a 2,501.922 rank. Our grandfather was Abiathar Smith Robinson. Aren't we lucky? It's good he has such a distinctive first name. Also, he was born in 1839 in Vermont, so that's different, too.

At the time, the United States was so new that people weren't sure if they were in New York or Vermont since part of New York was used to create Vermont. Some were downright angry about the loss, too.

In England Robinson is #12 in popularity while Smith is also #1 there, too.

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