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Edward Robinson, archaeologist in Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

Article about Edward Robinson born April 10, 1794 and died January 27, 1863, born in Connecticut and died in Brooklyn, New York.  .Archaeologist of Palestine, Robinson's Arch

His Robinson tree goes back to John Robinson 1588-1693, from England to Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Here are his parents, himself and his son and granddaughter who died in infancy.
Descendants of William Robinson, Reverend

1   William Robinson, Reverend b: August 15, 1754 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut
.. +Naomi Wolcott b: February 08, 1780 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
*2nd Wife of William Robinson, Reverend:
.. +Sophia Mosely b: September 16, 1783 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
*3rd Wife of William Robinson, Reverend:
.. +Anna Mills b: August 13, 1787 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
*4th Wife of William Robinson, Reverend:
.. +Elizabeth Norton b: 1761
. 2   EDWARD ROBINSON, Reverend, Archaeologist b: April 10, 1794 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
..... +Therese Albertine Adolfus Luise Von Jacob b: January 26, 1797 in Halle (Saale) , Germany
..... 3   Edward Robinson, Jr. b: 1836 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
......... +Emma M. Unknown b: Abt. 1836
......... 4   Therrese Marie Robinson b: 1879

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Robinson PIctures II

Here's a picture of Arthur Roy Robinson b: May 18, 1879 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, the 11th child of Abiathar Smith Robinson.

     Here is a young picture of my grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson b: June 21, 1870 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, 9th child,  who is probably with his younger brother, Arthur Roy Robinson, the 11th and last child of the family.  .
                                   Frank Hugh Robinson

John C. Robinson, Abiathar's 6th child, born April 21, 1862 in Montreal, Canada   had 4 sons; Ferdinand Theodore Abiathar, Charles T, Edgar Clyde and John Franklin "Shorty".                                    
              Charles T. Robinson born May 4, 1891, WWI in 1917 ( HA1 USNRF)
            Edgar Clyde Robinson b: November 16, 1892, WWI 1917 (Sgt, Co H, 20) Infantry
 John Franklin "Shorty" Robinson b: November 21,  1894, WWI 1917 (WWI Draft/Reg: LaSalle, )

         Out of uniform, John Franklin Robinson 1894.  Gosh, he's good looking.
                   Here are two of the Robinson brothers.  I don't know which ones.
                                   This is an unknown Robinson living in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois.
The little boy sitting on the bale of hay with his father, Abiathar, was Frank Hugh Robinson, the 9th child.   .  His son was Edward Kenneth Robinson who grew up and married Elinor Kalkwarf.    Below their wedding picture, below,  is a family portrait with Ed and his father, Frank Hugh Robinson and his mother, Augusta Robinson nee Gustafson who was born in Sweden.  Also standing is his sister, Mildred Elizabeth Goldfoot and to her left is Elinor, his wife.  Father Frank is holding Dianne, Ed's oldest daughter, and Charlotte is next to Dianne.  I'm between my uncle Ed and my mother and in front of me is my brother, David.   Kenneth Arthur isn't born yet in the family picture below, but he is the one who took the Ydna test with familytreedna and found that the family were R-L21 haplogroup, or originally called R1b1a2a1a1b4.  Now the familyfinder test has been taken and we'll see who matches with him.  There are a lot of Robinson families out there, especially  from New England.            

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Abiathar Smith Robinson Pictures I

The first Robinson picture I have is that of Abiathar Smith Robinson (b: December 1829 in Royalton or Tunbridge, Vermont (?) or New York -d: October 7, 1904 Wenona, Marshall, Illinois) , my great grandfather, father of Frank Hugh Robinson who was the  9th of 11 children,  my grandfather.   This picture came to me from Tom Mead, cousin from the 11th child, Arthur Roy Robinson.  Abiathar's children were: Rix, Edgar Clyde, Edward, Nellie Elizabeth, Emma Hattie, John C, Julia, William, Frank Hugh,  Minnie J, and Arthur Roy.  It shows a receding hairline of dark hair and blue eyes, and long face.
            This next one is of Abiathar when he was a little older with Frank Hugh, his son and my grandfather.  Frank is sitting on a bale of hay.                                                                

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