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Our Robinson DNA Matches in Origin

Test results show our Robinson line is an R1b1b2 (R-M269). Here are results from familytreedna tests. We still match up better from England and UK but so few. With a genetic distance of 1 we have 20 from Ireland. We have found two Robinsons who are exact matches in a 12 allele test but have not made contact yet though I've tried. As far as I know our family has been in the USA starting in Massachusetts and migrating to Vermont since about 1631. Before that is just the oral history that we came over not on the Mayflower but the ship after that one. We're not on Reverend John Robinson's tree whose son Isaac went over probably on one of the ships after the Mayflower. That was a good possibility but I can't find the proof. Instead, we seem to come from a George Robinson of Massachusetts b: 1631. One would think he had lived in England.

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Where is R1b1b2 Found in the UK?

Before Anglo Saxons in England
In the 4th Century BC the Greeks and Phoenicians and Carthaginians traded in Britain for Cornish tin. Islands near the west coast of Europe were called the Cassiterides or Tin Islands.

Julius Caesar went to Britain in 55 BC and the next year in 54BC. Rome controlled the island from 43BC to 410AD and called it Britannia. Before this period was the Iron Age in Britain where the tribes of Britain were connected with the continent of Europe as well in trade. Three legions of Romans were stationed in Britain in 125AD.

Caesar's second invasion consisted of a larger force the than first one. They met Celtic tribes who had to pay him tribute and give the Romans hostages in order to have peace.The southern part of Britain had two kingdoms. The first one was called Catuvellaune made up of the descendents of Tasciouvanus. The second one was called Atrebates, made up of the descendants of Commius.

This leads me to think that there could be quite a mixture of dna in Britain, though 80% of Western Europe is made up of R1b1b2 alleles. In fact, most of Ireland is made up of R1b1b2. This particular line is fairly new, dating back only 5,000 to 8,000 years ago. It may have existed before the last ice age, or it could be even younger. People living here could be from the Celtic two tribes, the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks or Cartheneginians. Anglo Saxons or Normans.
"The name Celt originated with the ancient Greeks, who called the barbarian peoples of central Europe Keltoi.3,4000 years ago the Celtics inhabited land found in southern Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Today they are found in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Cumbria and Brittany.We find the Celtic people about 2,7000 years ago in southern Europe of Indo-Aryan stock. Their blood type is found to be O.

They had their own religious beliefs. Their rites were in honor of Lugh. After the Celts came the Druids, then the Romans and finally the Celtic Christian Church.

There were the lowland Celts found along the Danube River in Germany and the True Celts who followed the Rhine River. This second group was in the Balkans and Carpathians in the 6th Century BC. They crossed Europe fighting. They loved to fight. They sacked Rome and the Delphi. They then went into the British Isles and inhabited it. They were classier than the lowland Celts in that they buried their dead."The Celts were a very clean people, using soap long before the Romans did. The Celtic men and women of Britain sometimes wore swirling blue tattoos or paintings on their bodies. All Celts played lyres and harps, loved song, music, and recitation of legends and epic adventures".

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Oscar Robinson, Wenona Illinois Veteran From 1902

Seated 3rd from right is Oscar Robinson age 64
10/11/09: Tom Mead, my 2nd cousin, has a copy of Oscar's death certificate that says his parents were Hiram Robinson and Sally Smith. Now the dna results are in that says we are not connected. DYS #1, #2 and #6 are not a match out of 12 done at familytreedna. This throws everything into a cocked hat. I've thought that Oscar was Abiathar Smith Robinson's blood brother.

I will be going to visit the Wenona, Illinois Cemetery in October and will take photographs. I've just found this picture online from Wenona of veterans of the war with an O. Robinson in the front row and a T. Dixon in the back row it it. Dixon is connected by Sally Smith Robinson's marriage to Thomas Russell. David Dixon was married to Cynthia Russell. It just fits that this Robinson is Oscar L. Robinson b: October 17, 1838, Sally's second child, son of Hiram Robinson who would be our Abiathar Smith's full brother. I note that Oscar served in the Civil War between August 9, 1862 to June 6, 1865 from Groveland, Illinois for 3 years. He is listed in "Old Sandy Remembers." In 1862 he was in Company I, in the 104th Illinois Infantry of the Union Army. He's in the Civil War Pension Index of November 5, 1883 with the notation, invalid. Evidently his widow, Sarah E. Robinson filed on May 5, 1923. Before he went into the army he was found on the 1860 census as a farm aborer for his sister Avis Wright nee Robinson. After the Civil War he worked as a brick mason, as the 1880 census reports and in 1900 as a stone mason. By 1910 he was listed just as a house mason. Though he lived in Groveland, LaSalle, Illinois from the time of entering the Civil War and afterwards in 1869, he lived in Wenona between 1900 to 1924 as far as I can tell. He died there on March 12, 1923. Sarah died the following year . They had married on January 24, 1867, two years after his leaving the army.
Below is 2 generations of Oscar.

Descendants of Oscar L. Roberson Robinson
1 Oscar L. Roberson Robinson b: October 17, 1838 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
. +Sarah E. Powell b: September 10, 1848 in New York
.... 2 Edwin Eddie G. Robinson b: Abt. 1862 in Illinois
.... 2 Avis M. Robinson b: May 03, 1869 in Illinois
........ +Henry B. Cox b: November 02, 1869 in Illinois
.... 2 Calvin A. Robinson b: May 03, 1869 in Groveland, LaSalle, Illinois
........ +Lulu Myrtle Glass b: September 21, 1875 in Illinois
.... 2 Charles M. Robinson b: April 13, 1871 in Illinois
........ +Myra Hallam b: July 24, 1871 in Illinois
.... 2 Wilbert "Butch" Robinson b: February 14, 1873 in Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois
.... 2 Milton J. Mitt Robinson b: October 13, 1874 in prob. Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
........ +Beautiful Girl b: Abt. 1874
.... *2nd Wife of Milton J. Mitt Robinson:
........ +Della O. Wells b: Bet. March 20, 1878 - 1879 in Evans Township, Marshall, Illinois
.... 2 Manzel Powell Robinson b: December 25, 1878 in Dana, LaSalle, Illinois
........ +Christina "Tina" Shulte b: November 15, 1882 in Illinois
.... 2 George Edward Robinson b: July 31, 1881 in Illinois
.... 2 Frederick E. Robinson b: July 22, 1887 in prob. Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois
........ +Elizabeth Solsby b: July 22, 1887 in Illinois

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Lacolle, Quebec, Canada

Lacolle, Quebec

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Location within Le Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality.
Coordinates (1, rue de l'Église Sud [1]): 45°04′53″N 73°22′22″W / 45.08139°N 73.37278°W /


Lacolle is a municipality in southern Quebec, Canada located in the administrative area of the Montérégie. The population as of the Canada 2006 Census was 2,512. The Lacolle River runs though the middle of the town.

The written history of Lacolle can be traced back to July 4, 1609 when Samuel de Champlain and his entourage stopped briefly at the mouth of a small stream for a meal before continuing southward up the Richelieu River into the lake which now bears his name. In his journal Champlain referred to the location of the delta as "Lacole". When translated literally the term means the neck of a bottle or that which is above the shoulders.

This is the town where our dna match can be traced back to a Chase Robinson who lived here. He was on the 1851 census of Lacolle at age 61. This means he was born in the United States in 1790, probably somewhere near Canada, possibly in Vermont. Vermont is where my great grandfather Abiathar Smith Robinson was born. He did go somewhere in Canada during the Civil War period and then when the war was over, migrated down to Wenona, Illinois. I believe his mother was living there by then.

Match Found: James Robinson Also R1b1b2 on 12 alleles

A Canadian Robinson researcher has been researching a town in Canada, Lacolle in Quebec and found four Robinson families. He feels that one of these families is his, so he has done extensive research on all four including dna testing.

A Robinson, now living in California, is our perfect 12 allele match, the first one I have been aware of.

This new line goes back to Chase Robinson b: 1790 in the United States and his wife, Rowena Abel. They were Adventists.

I have found them on the 1851 census in Huntington County, St. Bernard de Lacolle with children John, Hiram, Orange, Joseph and Mary.

On the 1861 census in St. Jean, La Colle in Quebec they were with children Sarah, Richard, Welthey, Lidy and Heman who was listed as Etranges a la famille. Chase is 70 years old and Rowena is 60. Little Heman is only 7 years old.

Thank you to Rick Robinson who has been doing so much research. Hopefully out of all the Robinsons in Canada and the USA we can find his connection. I think our journey with our dna facts has just begun.
Possibility of Sharing a Common Ancestor
4 generations ago abt 1909 33.57%
8 " " " 1809 55.88%
12 " " 1709 70.69%
16 " " " 1609 80.53k%
20 " " " 1509 87.07%
24 " " " 1409 91.41%

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