Thursday, September 13, 2012


Our Robinson Tree That Works

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

I've been working on our tree trying to get back to a John Robinson who is of the line of James A. Robinson who matches our DNA.  Here's what I've come up with.
1. Abiathar Smith Robinson b: 1829, our known great grandfather, father of Frank Hugh Robinson, my grandfather. in Royalton, VT, married in Tunbridge, VT next door, moved to Wenona, Illinois
2. LOGICAL FATHER; Amos Robinson IV b: 1797 and wife Lois Safford, born in Royalton, Vermont, died in Decatur, Illinois.  Descendant  doesn't match DNA, ignored for some time.  Lived in Wisconsin for some time.
2.  Hiram Robinson b: 1799, Amos IV's brother, married to Almira Morgan who started the Morgan horses.  in Sandy Creek, Oswego, New York.
3. Amos Robinson III b: 1767 and wife Levina Bullock, born in Lebanon, New London, CT but moved to Decatur, Illinois. connected to Kay Robinson and Susan Dudra.
4. Amos Robinson II, b: 1734 Lunenburg, Mass, and wife Deborah Hyde, moved to Lebanon, New Hampshire.
5. Amos Robinson, Sr, b: 1711, Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts and wife Priscilla Lake,
6. Jacob Robinson, b: 1680,  Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts and wife Elizabeth Cummings
7. John Robinson b: 1641, Haverhill, Topsfield, Massachusetts and wife Dorothy Perkins,
8. JOHN ROBINSON b: 1611, Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England and wife Elizabeth Pemberton, moved to Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire.
   9. John Robinson b: 1580 Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England , wife Katherine Eden
 10. Henry Robinson b. 1557 London, England and wife Elizabeth Orvice
 11. William Robinson, b: 1523  Redriff, Surrey, England and wife Anne Withers
 12 Robert Robinson b: 1492 Redriff, Surrey, England and wife Anne Savage
13. Robert Robinson b: 1465, Redriff, Surrey, England; wife unknown

It's at #8 John Robinson that I meet our dna match, James Robinson.  I have to think that there is some confusion on the dna testing results, as this is rationally a good parent for Abiathar.  He was first found in Royalton, Vermont courting Julia Ann Tuller who at age 15 was on the 1850 Royalton census.  They married in 1852 in Tunbridge, right next door.  There were 11 Smith families in Tunbridge on the 1830 census.  I'm thinking Abiathar's mother came from Tunbridge while father was in Royalton.  Amos's first wife's mother was Nancy Smith, while her daughter was Betsey Davis.  Nancy was married to Asahel Davis Jr.b: 1750 Both died in Royalton, VT.  I haven't a record of their birth places.
   Susan's brother took the DNA test and we did not have a match, though it was a haplogroup R1b1. Luckily my genealogy program allows me to attach a child on many possible parents, so I have been using this ability.   Without documentation, I have to guess.  At the rate Robinsons marry into other Robinson families, we must be related to everyone.  update: I've come back to this connection since it leads to John Robinson of Meppershall.  As to the DNA, we shall see.  No, we do not match with James Alden Robinson with our dna segments, but we do with the haplogroup.  Perhaps this far away, more than 5th cousins, our matching will not show.  

Notes: 9/13/12 Amos Robinson on the 1830 census is the only Robinson in Royalton in this year.  He had 1 boy under 5 that could have been Abiathar.  he had 1 boy from 5-9.  He had 1 male from 20-29 and he was 30-39, born from 1791 to 1800. He had 2 girls under 5, 2 girls from 5-9 and 2 girls from 20-29.   Abiathar was born December 1829.  There were no Smiths in Royalton in 1830 but there were 11 Smiths in Tunbridge:  Betsey, James, Joseph, 2 Josiahs, Moses,   Abiathar and Julia Ann married in Tunbridge.  Obadiah Sr, 2 Stephens, Timothy and William H. Smith.  Usually a child carries the surname of his mother as a middle name.  Next door on 1850 census of Royalton was Aaron Smith family age 50, Rebecca 53, Martha 14.  Amos's first wife's mother was a Smith.  Nancy Smith.
11/9/14  I switched to the brother of Amos, Hiram who married the Oswego girl, Almira Morgan.  Abiathar insisted he was born in New York and later said Vermont.  He raised horses. They could have been the Morgan horses.   His son Frank, my grandfather, was so mad at Abiathar for not allowing him to rescue his horse out of the pasture that the bull was in and it was the Sabbath.  Evidently the horse was injured or killed, causing Frank to leave home and never to return.  As a married man, Frank handled a team of 4 horses in the transport business in Portland, Oregon.  Maybe his learning about horses came naturally to him through grandmother Almira Morgan and her Morgan horses that her father, Justin Morgan, started.  .

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Monday, September 10, 2012


Early Robinsons and Their Ships to New World

Robinson David Peter Bonaventure 1635
Robinson Edward Un-named 1634
Robinson Henrie Primrose 1634
Robinson Isack Hopewell 1635
Robinson James Falcon 1635
Robinson Jo Peter Bonaventure 1635
Robinson Jo Thomas & John 1635
Robinson John America 1635
Robinson John Jamestown 1606
Robinson John Margaret &  John 1622
Robinson Joyce Globe 1635
Robinson Leonard Falcon 1635
Robinson Mary George 1635
Robinson Mathew America 1635
Robinson Nicholas & Elizabeth * Blessing 1635
Robinson Robert Christian 1634
Robinson Thomas Ann & Elizabeth 1634
Robinson Thomas Assurance 1635
Robinson William Mathew 1635
Robinsonn Mathewe Hopewell 1623
Robisonn Richard Bona Nova 1618



Connected to Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Nadene Goldfoot
I could not believe my eyes.  I connected my Robinson line to Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin Delano Roosevelt through Amy Allen Hatch, born 1684 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  She was married to John Delano Jr, born in 1679 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  She was my 6th great grandaunt.  How I stumbled on this fact I cannot even remember now.  My great grandmother, Julia Ann Robinson nee Tuller's mother was Asinath Durkee and her mother was Rebecca Hatch, b: 1791 in Vermont.  The Hatches are on Julia Ann Tuller's family tree.  Her maternal grandmother was Rebecca Hatch b: 1791 in Sharon, Windsor, Vermont. (added 3/22/17)  Thus started the line of Hatches that have been so fruitful in finding amazing people.

Their daughter was Susannah Delano b: 1724 in Tolland, Connecticut.  She married Captain Noah Grant Jr. who was the grandfather of President Grant.  He was killed by Indians.  Captain Noah Grant III was their son who married Rachel Miller Kelly of Connecticut.  Jesse Root Grant b: 1794 was their son who died in Covington, Kenton, Kentucky.  He had been married to Hannah Simpson.  Their son was Ulysses Simpson Grant, General and President.

This caused my cousin Tom to realize that we could be connected to Franklin Delano Roosevelt as well, and sure enough.  I went back to Amy Allen Hatch and looked at her husband, John Delano Jr. b: 1679 in Dartmouth, MA.  His father was .Jonathan Delano b: 1647 in Plymouth, Massachusetts and was married to Mercy Warren, who also is on my tree.  Richard Warren b: 1578 in England  was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact and somehow I managed to get him on my tree through one of the Robinsons who may not even belong on my tree; I have so many. Mercy was his granddaughter through son Nathaniel.

Jonathan's 2nd son and only other one I know of was Thomas Delano b: 1704 in Dartmouth and was married to Jean Peckham.  Their son was Captain Ephraim Delano b: 1733 married to Elizabeth Cushman.  Their son was Captain Warren Delano b: 1779.  (Notice how names like Warren pop up as middle names?  It's like following a map in a way.)   Warren married Deborah Church who died in 1827.. Then he married Eliza Parker in 1829  in Fairhaven, Bristol, Massachusetts.  Deborah's  son was Warren Delano II who married Catherine Robbins Lyman.  His daughter was Sara  Delano who married  James Roosevelt b: 1824 in Hyde Park, New York.  Their son was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  My, how important those middle names turned out to be!

If Amy Allen Hatch had not been born, look what we would have been deprived of.  We never know how important we can be.
* note that I had Deborah Church and Eliza Parker turned around at first writing.

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