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Robinson Heritage from Found Countries with GedMatch Test

Nadene Goldfoot
 Through a test on, a Population DNA Eurogenes J Test, my brother and I have results showing what population our genes tell where our ancestors came from. I used the same test, or as close as I could  for Ken that I used for my brother and myself.  It is the Eurogenes K13 Admixture proportions that is on

We already know that Ken's Y haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a1b4 and his mother's mt haplogroup is H.  Ken's father is the brother of our mother who has H2a1 mt haplogroup from Sweden.

1. Ken shows he has North Atlantic population of 47.38%
        Image result for north atlantic countries
    The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C., on 4 April 1949 and was ratified by the United States that August. The Treaty of Brussels, signed on 17 March 1948 by Belgium, the NetherlandsLuxembourgFrance, and the United Kingdom, is considered the precursor to the NATO agreement.

2. Baltic...25.77%    
        Image result for baltic countries
    The Baltic States are located in north-central Europe, on the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea, and along the western border of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania gained their independence from the former U.S.S.R. in 1991.Nov 17, 2015
3. West Mediterranean...16.78%   France, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia , 
4. West Asian...4.09%  The term is sometimes used for the purposes of grouping countries in  statistics. (Middle East, Arabia, Anatolia, Iran, Armenia, South Caucasus, see below). 
West Asia
The total population of Western Asia is estimated at about 300 million as of 2015.  It overlaps with Middle East excluding Egypt.  As a geographic concept, "Western Asia" includes the Levant, Mesopotamia, the Arabian peninsulaAnatoliaIran,Armenian Highlands and South Caucasus. The Sinai Peninsula belongs to Western Asia.  Some records include "include the nations of Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Oman, and Yemen as part of West Asia.  5. Eastern Mediterranean...2.14%  Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Liberia, Greece and Cyprus, 
6. Red Sea...0.59%  The six countries bordering the Red Sea proper are:Image result for Red Sea countries
  • Eastern shore: Saudi Arabia. Yemen.
  • Western shore: Egypt. Sudan. Eritrea. Djibouti.

7. Southern Asian...0.73% and our history could come from Pakistan/Afghanistan, India

8. Eastern Asian...0.28% Mongolia and China   Our connection? I say Mongolia.  

9. Amerindian...1.55%  another term for American Indian, used chiefly in anthropological and linguistic contexts.   The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the descendants of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of North and South America. Pueblos indígenas (indigenous peoples) is a common term in Spanish-speaking countries.
Oceanian...0.30%  Australia, New Guinea, etc. island counties

North Eastern African   0.40%

It may refer to all or some of the following areas:
Countries within Northeast Africa.

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