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Timothy Robinson in Royalton, Vermont-The Search Goes On

Timothy Robinson b: 1784 with wife Olive Bowen b: 1819 would be a likely father and mother for my Abaithar Smith Robinson as they  lived in Royalton, Vermont.  So far I haven't got him on my tree as I don't know who his father was.  Names of children don't apear on our censuses until 1850. 

The November 2, 1850 census in Royalton, Vermont shows the following family:
1.  Timothy Robinson age 66 b: 1784 in Connecticut, farmer with $1,800 in property
     wife Olive Bowen b: 1794 Vermont age 56
      child: Elizabeth Robinson age 26 b: Vermont

The next family was Jonathan Robinson age 25 and a farmer who could have been Timothy's son.
Josephine Robinson age 16 lived with him  as well as Amplias Williams age 21, a farmer also.  All 3 were born in Vermont. 

I worked backwards and see this in the 1840 census in Royalton, Vermont for Timothy Robinson.
Males age 5-9: 1           Females age 5-9: 1
             15-19: 1                       15-19:    1
             50-59:1                        40-49:    1
                                               100-+      1
Evidently the grandmother or greatgrandmother of one was 100 or past that.
The 1830 census in Stockbridge, Windsor  for Timothy Robinson:
Males age 5-9: 1          Females age 5-9: 1
            40-49: 1                           30-39: 1

The 1820 census for Royalton, Vermont for Timothy Robinson
Males age 26-44: 1     Females age 16-25: 1
                                                     45-70:  1

The 1810 census in Royalton Vermont had an Amos Robinson but not Timothy as he would have been only 16 years old  .  Amos had a son the right age as the following shows:
Males Under age 10: 1   Females under 10: 2
               age 10-15: 2                    10-15: 1
                     16-25: 2                    16-25: 2
                     26-44: 1                    26-44: 1  There were 12 in the family. 
I note that Daniel and Martin Tuller are also on this #3 page of 6 for Royalton.  Also on the page are Jabez, Jonathan and Davaid Bowen so we know that the Robinsons back then knew the Tullers.  Abiathar Smith Robinson married Julia Ann Tuller in 1852 in Royalton, Vermont. 

The 1800 census in Royalton, Vermont has Amos Robinson:
    Males under 10: 2              Females 10-15: 1
                16-25:   1                            26-44: 1
                26-44:   1
Interesting names on this very short census list were Benjamin Packard, and three Parkhurst men and Amana Hide (Hyde).  Deborah Hyde b: 1734 was married to Amos Benton Robinson b: 1734.  Ebenezer Hyde b: 1708 had been born in Connecticut. 

Now we get into hazy territory:
1790 census for Amos Robinson finds an Amos in Northfield, Orange, Vermont.
1790 census for Amos Robinson finds an Amos in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont
Males under 16: 2          Females: 5
         over   16: 3                                10 in the family
1787 census for Amos Robinson finds an Amos in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont.
 1786, 1785 and 1782  censuses find an Amos in Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont

All information I have on Amos in Royalton does not have Timothy as a child.  I wonder why he is not showing up.  I have 4 Timothy Robinsons on my tree, but not this one. 


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