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Augusta (Johansson) Gustafson, Swedish Immigrant of Sioux City, Iowa Married Yankee Frank Hugh Robinson

Our grandmother, Augusta Gutafson, was born on January 31, 1870 in 
Lumheden, Dalarna Province, Sweden to parents,
Gustaf Johansson

Augusta 's hip was broken when she was run into by a little boy who had accidently pushed 
her over, so is in the wheel chair.  Here she is with her 2nd huband, Frank Hugh Robinson and her 
daughter's children, Nadene and David Goldfoot.  Augusta died on April 19, 1955, so this picture was taken in about 1949, as David was born in 1942 and Nadene in 1934.  

Augusta carried the DNA H2a1 MT haplotype of which my mother, myself and my daughter also carries and all our mothers preceding us.  H stands for Helena, the branch on the family of homo sapiens that we belong to.  Bryan Sykes, who wrote the book, THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS OF EVE, tells all about it.  

Grandma Augusta was pushed by a running boy who ran into her when she was in her late 50's and the result was that she broke her hip, forever to be on crutches from then on.   

She immigrated to the USA when she was about 18 years old with her older sister, Anna Lisa Gustafsdotter who was born August 14, 1855 in Backgarden, Lumsheden, Sweden. Below is a picture of her older sister, Anna Lisa when she was much older holding a grandchild.  


  Accompaning Lisa was her son, Charles Karl August Olson of Sweden.  Her son also carried the surnames of  Gustavsson Johnson.  Lisa's partner didn't work out, so she and Augusta were headed for the USA.  


While visiting my cousins, we came across a picture that said it was August Johnson, brother of Augusta.  I didn't have him on my family tree, but there it was, written on the back of the picture!  It said, "August Johnson, Brokussor Augusta Johnson...Gustafson Robinson.  


Here are 3 pictures of Johaan Gustafsson, brother of Augusta who was born September 8, 1861 in Lumsheden and his wife.  He died on November 13, 1924 in Gavle, Sweden.   



When Augusta came to Sioux City, Iowa, she got a job as a cook with the people living in a mansion.  In fact, later on the home was the famous John Pierce Mansion, built in 1893 and located at 29th and Jackson Streets.  It features historical collections, pioneer objects, Native American apparel and artifacts, and a variety of programs and exhibits today. 


 Augusta had a little girl by her first husband, Fred Olson, a Swedish tailor, who was called Dorothy Olson b: 1905. It seemed my records show both sisters had met two Olsons somehow; Anna Lisa's in Sweden and Augusta in Iowa.   She was beautiful!  


Augusta had divorced Olson at the time she was working in the Pierce Mansion and met the ice-man, my grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson there who delivered ice for their ice box. (refrigerator).  Dorothy had an appendicitis attack when about 5 years old in 1910 and Frank carried her to the doctor, but it was too late.  She died.  My mother was born to Frank and Augusta in 1913.  Her brother, Kenneth Edward Robinson, was born 2 years later in 1915.  

Here is the family line.                                 

Descendants of Gustaf Johansson
1   Gustaf Johansson b: February 12, 1821 in Falun, Kristine Parish ?,  Sweden
.. +Elisabet (Lisbeth) Lisa "Lisbet" Ersdotter b: December 07, 1830 in Parish Svärdsjö, Backgården, Lumsheden Village, Sweden
. 2   [1] Anna Lisa Gustafson Johansson b: August 14, 1855 in Backgården, Lumsheden Village, Sweden
..... +Olson b: Abt. 1855 in Sweden
. *2nd Husband of [1] Anna Lisa Gustafson Johansson:
..... +John Lindquist b: October 1836 in Sweden
. 2   Eric Gustafson Johansson b: February 01, 1860 in Lumsheden, Sweden
. 2   Johaan Gustafson Johansson b: November 14, 1858 in Lumsheden, Sweden
. 2   Johaan Gustafson Johansson b: September 08, 1861 in Backgården, Lumsheden Village parish Svärdsjö, Sweden
..... +Anna-Greta Hedlund b: March 26, 1864 in Sweden
. 2   Marta Gustafson Johansson b: January 06, 1864 in Lumsheden, Sweden
. 2   Brita Johannah "Hannah" Gustafson b: October 05, 1864 in Backgården, Lumsheden Village, Sweden
. 2   [2] Gustafva"Augusta" Johansson Gustafson b: January 31, 1870 in (Village) Lumsheden, Svardsjo parish, Kopparbergs lan (county)Dalarna Province,  Sweden
..... +Fred Olson b: Abt. 1870 in Prob. Sweden
. *2nd Husband of [2] Gustafva"Augusta" Johansson Gustafson:
..... +Frank Hugh Robinson b: June 21, 1870 in Wenona,Marshall County, Illinois
2   August Johansson b: Abt. 1871

Anna Lisa Johaanson Gustafson's family: from her son: for 2 generations-- who married an OLSON!
Descendants of Anna Mathilda Olson
1   [1] Anna Mathilda Olson b: Abt. 1880 in Iowa
.. +Val Gibbons b: Abt. 1880
*2nd Husband of [1] Anna Mathilda Olson:
.. +Charles Karl August Gustavsson Johnson b: July 20, 1876 in Backgarden, Svardsjo, Lumsheden village, Sweden
. 2   Unknown Johnson b: Abt. 1911
. 2   Unknown Johnson b: Abt. 1912
. 2   Johnson b: Abt. 1913
. 2   Ralph McKinley Johnson b: January 29, 1914 in Sioux City, Iowa/Nebraska
..... +Evelyn Jones Meacham b: Abt. 1915 in Riverside, Iowa
. 2   Ruth Eleanor Johnson b: April 13, 1916 in Lincoln, Nebraska
..... +Sven Lars Anderson b: August 10, 1907 in Near Norberg, Olofsfors, Vastmanland province, Sweden
. 2   Richard "Dick" Carlton Johnson b: September 08, 1920 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa
..... +Betty Unknown b: Abt. 1920

Minnie Johnson Olson's details: daughter of Frederick Olson and the sister of Charles Karl August Gustavsson Johnson's wife, Anna  Mathilda Olson.  She's so beautiful I had to include her in these family pictures: She married her 1st cousin, John Olson.  She was born about 1882 as Minnie Wilhemina  Albertina Olson in the USA and may have died in California.  Linnea Anderson, our 2nd cousin once removed,  told us that "6/7/07  Linnea tells that her mom and dad, her mom's parents-Anna and August and her mom's brothers, Ralph and Dick are in the same cemetery.  The 2nd husband of her great Aunt Minnie is there, but Minnie is in California where she died.  Minnie was a sister to her Grandma who was called Aunt Annie.  Minnie was born an Olson and married an Olson; so her name was Wilhelmina Albertina Olson Olson Gainor.  Her husband, John Olson, was born in Varmland, Sweden in about 1882. He died in about 1948 in California.  


   Mildred Elizabeth Robinson is in the middle in the back row, and her brother Edward Kenneth  Robinson is kneeling with the dog on the left in front.  

Augusta's daughter, Mildred Elizabeth Robinson,  was born June 29, 1913.  Her son, Kenneth Edward Robinson, was born March 15, 1915.   Kenneth "Edward", called Ed,  married  Elinor Lois Kalkwarf on August 21, 1937.  Below is Augusta and Frank's son Kenneth Edward in the back row, and next to him is his sister Mildred, who is my mother, his wife Elinor, his father Frank.  I'm the tall girl on the left of Augusta and in front of her is my little brother, David.  To the right of Augusta are my cousins, Kenneth Edward's children Dianne and in front of her is Charlotte.  This must have been about 1945- 1946. My cousin, Ken, wasn't born until December 1946 and he isn't in the picture yet.    

Ed married Elinor August 21, 1937. 

Mildred E. Goldfoot nee Robinson, daughter of Augusta when she married Morris Goldfoot April 29, 1932. I notice she's wearing flats in this picture so she's not taller than Dad.  
Finally, our big Robinson-Gustafson family reunion at the coast, an overnight affair, with my mother, Mildred (Milly) before she died. 

Now it's my mother's turn to be in the wheelchair.  Mildred has all the relatives surrounding her.  I'm the one in the yellow tee shirt. Her brother, Edward Kenneth, died in 1988.   Her nephew, Ken,  is also in a yellow tee shirt behind her.  My son, Steve, took the picture.  My brother David and his family are out of town, so not in the picture. Neither was my daughter, who was living on the east coast.  This was taken before October 2005, probably around 1994.  

             Other relatives from Augusta's sister, Anna Lisa below:  The little girl with the hat is of the Albuquerque, New Mexico group, I believe.  Lindquist  Clough and Morrow are surnames in this group.  
             Below is Selma  b: January 9, 1890 and Alice Lindquist  b: January 14, 1893  to Anna Lisa in Sioux City, Iowa, then moving later to Albuquerque.  

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