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mtDNA Results for Robinson Wife from Sweden

Our mtDNA Results: H (16354T) for the female Mildred Goldfoot nee Robinson to her mother, Augusta Gustafson of Sweden to all the mothers back. H is for Helena: Haplogroup H is a branch of the mega-haplogroup F. H originated approximately 30,000 years ago in Eastern Africa. It spread to the Indian subcontinent and is found at high frequencies in India and Sri Lanka. It is also found in the Roma populations of Europe. Half of Europe's females are labeled H. Mildred's sister in law, Elinor who married her brother Edward Kenneth was also an H, but of course a little different as they were not from the same parts of Europe.

Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1870 in Wenona, Illinois married his 2nd wife, Augusta Gustafson in Sioux City, Iowa. We just had Augusta's mtDNA test result. She came from Sweden at age 18.

The mitrochondial dna which traces the female line of Mildred Robinson Goldfoot b: 1913-2005 to her mother, Augusta "Gustafva Johansson Gustafson" Robinson b: 1870-1955, and her mother in Sweden was Lisa Ersdotter, born in Backgarden, Lumsheden, Sweden in 1830-12-07 and died in 1891-01-17, and her mother was Brita Hansdotter b: 1806-1887, and her mother was Lisa Olsdotter b: 1766-1831 who was married to Erik Hansson, turned out to be H with the HVR1 as: 16 354T. This was done as a 12 allele test.

We already know that our grandmother's family came from Lumsheden, Sweden, a village in Northern Sweden. About half of Europe's women bear this H haplogroup. The differences show up in the HVR1.Men carry both Ydna from their fathers and mtDNA from their mothers. They can be tested for both, which is what we did. David was able to be tested. Women can only be tested for the mtdna, so if you have a brother, have him tested for both. Whereas the male line mutates at a faster speed, the female line does not. It only mutates once every 10,000 years.

H stands for Helena. The book, The Seven Daughters of Eve presents the seven types of Haplogroups for the female line. Helena was born about 20,000 ago on land between France and Spain. She belonged to a family of hunters who harvested oysters to supplement their diet of meat. We arrived in Europe from the Middle East. We reached England about 12,000 years ago after the Ice Age. Read .The prevailing thought is that we are all related through our mothers. Professor Bryan Sykes at Oxford University has identified seven women who lived thousands of years ago from whom almost every native European is directly descended through the maternal line.Our Swedish H came from Lumsheden Village, Svardsjo Parish, Kopparbergs Ian, Sweden. I've traced the female line to 1766 so far in this village.
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