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Amos Robinson of Royalton, Vermont Has to Be GGGrandpa

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

This is the ancestor I started with in figuring who must be Abiathar's father.  Through him I have landed in Meppershall, England, matching my DNA match's findings of having Meppershall as our origin in England. "Meppershall is a hilltop village in Bedfordshire near Shefford,CamptonShillingtonStondon and surrounded by farmland. The Village and the Manor House are mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086."

There is a wonderful book that I procured through the library loan program about the History of Royalton, Vermont with all the genealogy in it.  I was able to have the book for 3 weeks or a month a long time ago, and found it very hard to follow, but did the best I could in understanding her genealogy.  Written by Lovejoy, it holds a lot besides Robinsons.
Abiathar Smith Robinson was born in December 1829.  I know this from the 1870 census as he wasn't even on the 1850 or 1860. However,  I found him marrying Julia Ann Tuller on February 29, 1852 in Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont.  Then I didn't see him until the 1870, 1880 and 1900 censuses when he was in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois with Julia Ann and living near Albert Tuller, her brother and his family.  Evidently they traveled there together. He and his family were in Canada during the Civil War and returned to Illinois after it was over.  I do not know why.  Another researcher found them living there.
My grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson, left home from around age 16 or older as he was mad at his dad for not allowing him to move his horse out of the pasture on a Sunday.  A bull was in the field and he was afraid his horse would get gored and killed.  It may have happened because he left home and never returned.  He loved his horses.
 Later, he became a teamster with a team of 4 horses in Portland, Oregon .  He saw and met Nathan Abraham Goldfoot, my father's father before any marriage, and Nathan had a time managing his one horse and wagon.  This was evidently a new experience for him, an immigrant from Lithuania via England and Ireland.  He was working the same area as Abiathar. In 1912, Nathan was thrown out of his wagon by his spooked horse, hit his head and wound up in St. Vincent's hospital, but never woke.  He died shortly.
                                            Royalton, Windsor, Vermont

1. I start out with Abiathar's father being Amos Robinson born in 1797 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont.
2. His father could have been Amos Robinson born in 1767 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
3. His father was Amos Robinson born in 1734 born in Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
4. His father was Amos Robinson born in 1711 born in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts
5. His father was Jacob Robinson born in 1680 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts
6. His father was John Robinson born in 1641 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
7.  His father was John Robinson born in 1611 in Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England

Why Abiathar hasn't been on any paper trail to his birth is beyond me, but evidently all births may not happen in a place where it is easily recorded.

Waiting for familyfinder results.  They have to redo the test; status should be available by Nov 19th I hope.  
Update 11/13/14 Reminded that another from this line had #393 allele as a 13, so this is the wrong tree.  
Update 11/13/14 Ran into information on my own blog about a Daniel Robinson with family's testing showing #393 allele is a 12.  He was born in 1627 in Scotland and lived in New haven CT.  He married Hope Potter.  His parents were Richard and Mary.
I'll have to check into this.  

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Looks to me like you've connected the dots, Nadene, and I'm personally pleased since that connects and takes us back to John Robinson of Meppershall. I am curious about our Haplogroup. We have the first allele of 12. However, John of Meppershall is a 13 I believe. What do you make of our 12?
Ah ha! Oh no! I didn't realize that John of Meppershall was a 13 on #393. Good grief! We've got to end with someone with a 12. A few of the other alleles will chance a little but that first number tells where they came from, I believe from what I have read in trying to discover what it means. If we can find an ancestor from Ireland, it would sure fit. It would have all been so easy if there was a paper trail for Abiathar. I had a 4th cousin who lived in the area and thought she was connected to us, and she personally went to many of the county offices and looked in the old ledger, and they and she couldn't find a thing on him. The 12 tells us I believe that the DNA matching us with Irish people puts us in that area. I think we had 20 matches with Ireland. You should too. Now I'm forced to wait some more since the results in familyfinder didn't pan out and they have to redo the test. That might give us a clue when I see if we match anyone with the Robinson genes.
It could be that the person I thought was Abiathar's father was the owner of the Y haplogroup with the 13 that we don't match, but that somehow this tree leading to Meppershall is still ours and that I just connected to the wrong person to be on it. There has to be another family connection bearing #393 allele as a 12 roaming around in Vermont.
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