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Robinson, Our Perfect R1b...R-L21 DNA Title

Nadene Goldfoot                                    
Not all Robinsons are R1b, and not all are R-L21.  In fact, out of a Robinson study, we were one of two people listed with this exact title.  On a large Robinson study, we are the only other person with a DSY #393=12 and not 13 or another higher number.  We also have the 390 as a 21 and not a 24 or another number.   so our Y haplogroup starts off as 12-21-14-11-11-14-12-12-12- 13-13-29.

This seems to go along with the fact that I cannot find out exactly who our great grandfather's father was.  Abiathar Smith Robinson, born in December of 1829 in New York or Vermont, is without a father.  I've found so many who would be ideal.
Abiathar, born December 1829  with the beard and his son, Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1871.
Abiathar had 10 children and Frank was #8.  Julia died at 52 after having 10 children.
Nellie, Emma and John were born in Canada, where the family went during the
Civil War.  They returned not to Vermont when it was over but to Wenona, Illinois. 
The Hg R1b-L21 Distribution centers in Great Britain, seemingly in Ireland since we had so many matches from there.  A David Reynolds has his name on the map showing such distribution from NW ISOGG.

Our great grandfather, Abiathar, passed his genes onto our generation and our cousin, Kenneth tested.  David Reynolds shows that R1b1a2a1a1b....P312/S116 evolved with increasing detail to the next state which is our state:  R1b1a2a1a1b4...or R-L21/    There is more said of others...M529/S145, L459.

The male line is more interesting to study, I believe, than the female mt haplogroup  The Y-DNA, is passed unchanged from father to son.  All descendants of a man, in a straight male line of descent, will share the same Y-DNA.  That's true also for the female, but our names keep changing.  Also, the dna for the female comes from a different part of the cell.

The Y haplogroup will have some mutations happening.  That's what makes it possible to trace.
The location of Turkey (within the rectangle) in reference to the European continent. Anatolia roughly corresponds to the Asian part of Turkey, except the eastern parts historically known as the Armenian Highlands.  
The evolution of R1b men has gone from East to West in their evolution.  The question has been whether or not our origin was in ancient Anatolia (Turkey)  or Assyria. This must account for the DYS being a 12 as there is no % of my cousins's origins in the Middle East.  He has 11% of his DNA from the British Isles.  I only have 3%  from the British Isles but my brother has 45%  What a disparity here!

This old news is most interesting to me about matching to Kings and Queens of Great Britain.  I HAVE  traced our line to the Royals through not a Robinson but through an Ann Hyde.  If I chose the correct father to Abiathar, we might be able to claim that route also, but through Abiathar's wife, we have the Hydes, and Ann Hyde is the connection.  Ann had married Descendants of King James, II, Duke of York and VII,  Ann is half 3rd cousin 10 times removed to my Robinson cousin.

1   King James, II, Duke of York and VII b: October 14, 1633 in St. James Palace, London, England d: September 16, 1701 in St. Germain-en-Laye, France
.. +ANNE HYDE b: March 22, 1637/38 in Cranbourne Lodge, Windsor in Berkshire,Windsor, England d: April 10, 1671 in London, England
. 2   Mary II of England, Queen England, Scotland, Ire b: April 30, 1662 in St. James's Palace in London, England d: December 28, 1694 in Kensington Palace, London, England
..... +William III andII, King England, Scotland, Irel b: November 04, 1650 in The Hague in the Dutch Republic , House of Orange-Nassau d: March 08, 1701/02
. 2   Anne of Great Britain, Queen b: February 06, 1664/65 in St. James' Palace, London, England d: 1714 in Kensington Palace, London, England
..... +Prince George " Jørgen (Oldenburg) Fredericksen b: April 02, 1653 in Copenhagen, Denmark, House of Oldenburg d: October 28, 1708 in Kensington Palace, London, England
. 2   Girl England b: February 09, 1670/71
. 2   Duke of Cambridge Charles
. 2   Duke of Cambridge James
. 2   Duke of Kendal Charles
. 2   Duke of Cambridge Edgar

However, " July 16, 2012 -- BIG NEWS! The Royal House of Stewart is R-L21! Richard Scott, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch, was tested and found to be L744+ L745+ (L21>DF13>DF41>L744>L745) and an exact match (on how many markers?) of a descendant of Charles Stewart of Ardshiel, who fought at Culloden. The House of Stewart produced a number of famous kings and queens of Scotland and England, including James VI/I (of Scotland and England, respectively) of King James Bible fame. If you are interested in this and have tested DF13+, test for DF41 first. If you get a DF41+ result, then follow up by testing for L744. If you get an L744+ result, then test for L745." 

Here's 2 generations of our family of Robinson. There's always room for errors, but I think it's pretty accurate.
Descendants of Abiathar Smith Robinson

1   [4] Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in New York/  Tunbridge, Orange/ Jamaica, Windham, Vermont d: October 07, 1904 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
. +Julia Ann Tuller b: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont d: December 02, 1887 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
.... 2   [1] Edward Rix Robinson b: November 1852 in Vermont d: in 1922
........ +Charlotte Nettie Anette Jenette Jenson b: 1835 in Pennsylvania d: in Illinois
.... *2nd Wife of [1] Edward Rix Robinson:
........ +Nora E. Gunning Stull b: 1856
.... *3rd Wife of [1] Edward Rix Robinson:
........ +Nora E Gunning Stull b: 1836 in Indiana
.... 2   Edgar Clyde Clayton Robinson b: 1853 in Vermont/Illinois d: 1903 in Wenona, Illinois
........ +Mary Elizabeth Acuff b: 1859 in Illinois
.... 2   [2] Nellie Elizabeth Robinson b: October 1857 in Upper Canada (Eng.) d: December 28, 1905 in Omaha, Nebraska, Douglas County
........ +Daniel C.G. McCullom McCollem b: August 15, 1857 in prob. Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois d: March 07, 1891 in Omaha, Nebraska, age 36
.... *2nd Husband of [2] Nellie Elizabeth Robinson:
........ +Alexander Charles Sillik b: July 17, 1855 in Ohio/Livingston, Madison, Illinois d: July 07, 1923 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
.... 2   Emma "Hattie" Robinson b: August 1861 in Canada d: December 29, 1930 in Streater, La Salle, Illinois
........ +George D. Miller b: September 23, 1855 in Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois d: July 02, 1924 in prob. Wenona, Illinois
.... 2   John C. Robinson b: April 21, 1864 in Montreal, Canada (Eng). d: June 05, 1923 in La Salle, Illinois
........ +Hermia Howell b: August 09, 1863 in Dana, LaSalle, Illinois d: October 27, 1936 in La Salle, Illinois
.... 2   Julia Robinson b: 1865 in Vermont d: 1903
.... 2   William S. Robinson b: June 1867 in prob. Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois d: April 19, 1935 in Peoria/ LaSalle,  Illinois
........ +Carrie A. Monninger b: February 05, 1867 in Dana, Illinois d: December 14, 1943 in Davenport, Iowa
.... 2   [3] Frank Hugh Robinson b: June 21, 1870 in Wenona,Marshall County, Illinois d: May 27, 1952 in Hillsboro,Washington County,  Oregon, age 81
........ +Alice Mitchell b: January 1877 in Iowa d: 1902 in Iowa/Nebraska
.... *2nd Wife of [3] Frank Hugh Robinson:
........ +Gustafva"Augusta" Johansson Gustafson b: January 31, 1870 in (Village) Lumsheden, Svardsjo parish, Kopparbergs lan (county)Dalarna Province,  Sweden d: April 19, 1955 in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon, age 85
.... 2   Minnie J. Robinson b: November 1875 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois d: 1923 in Illinois
........ +Louis Sherman Cusac b: January 20, 1866 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, d: October 05, 1944 in Limestone Twp., Peoria County, Illinois
.... 2   Arthur Roy Robinson b: May 18, 1879 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois d: April 17, 1927 in Peoria, Illinois, Peoria County Hospital
........ +Minnie Mae "Ross"Smith b: June 22, 1885 in Varna, Marshall, Illinois d: February 07, 1974 in Chillicothe, Peoria, Illinois
*2nd Wife of [4] Abiathar Smith Robinson:
. +Mary Jane Unknown Walters b: November 1832 in Ohio d: July 1918 in Streator, Illinois, age 85


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