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Searching Jamaica, Vermont for Robinsons Moving to Tunbridge or Royalton Like Abiathar Smith Robinson, Son of Hiram

Nadene Goldfoot                                      
Jamaica, Vermont-1895 by Theodore Robinson
He was an artist and this is one of his many oil paintings.  
The distance from Jamaica, Windham,  Vermont to Royalton, Windsor, Vermont is 82.53 miles.  I've decided that Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829, my ggrandfather, came from Jamaica, Windham, Vermont since I believe that his father was actually Hiram Robinson, Jr. b: March 18, 1809 in Jamaica and mother was Sally "Sarah" Smith born January 1812 also in Jamaica, Vermont.  This is because Abiathar and his wife, Julia Ann Tuller, had moved to Wenona, Marshall, Illinois and were buried there along with Sally and her 2nd husand and their children, Thomas Russell-spouse, and son:  Martin Russell.
Town Hall in Jamaica, Vermont
Abiathar said on later censuses that he was born in New York and later said it was Vermont.  "In the colonial period, what is now Vermont was disputed territory, with land claims from both New York and New Hampshire. The original grants for this area, issued by the Royal Governor of New York in 1767 and 1772, were for two towns. But in 1777, the Republic of Vermont was established. Ignoring the previous grants, it gave charter on November 7, 1780 for “a tract of vacant land within this state which has not heretofore been granted.”By 1781 the village was settled and organized.  In 1790, the year we had a USA 1st census, they had 263 people.  By 1830 there were 1,553 people living here.                                                                      
Jamaica, Vermont 1907

Now to find other Jamaicans  who moved from Jamaica to Royalton or next door to Tunbridge, Vermont which Abiathar did since he met and married Julia Ann Tuller in Royalton.  They married in Tunbridge on February 29, 1852.  Was this leap year?

Today there are 7 Robinsons who are living in Jamaica, Vermont with many living in the surrounding areas.  I have found 14 male Robinsons  on findagrave who died there in the early days:
Paul                d: 1790 Athens, Windham, Vermont  not on findagrave m: Hannah Trumbull
Simon T.         d: 1813
Elijah b: 1750 d: August 6, 1826, buried in Wiswell, Cemetery in Townshend nearby. Our ancestor
Hastings W     d: 1829
Jonathan         d: 1829
 Reuben           d: 1834
Aaron W.        d: 1838
Hiram Jr.        d:  1839  not on findagrave yet, our ancestor
John                d: 1843
Amaziah         d: 1852  He's also a likely father of Abiathar Smith.
Henry J.          d: 1855
Nathaniel       d: 1864
Aaron C         d: 1864
Clarke            d: 1864
John               d: 1865
James             d: 1865 not on findagrave; our ancestor married to Abigail Burt
Hiram            d: after 1870 ? Bennington? b: in Jamaica 1789, father of Amaziah
Alonzo           d: after 1880?  b: Jamaica, Vermont 1832
Curtis             d: 1877
Joel Houghton d: 1909 b,1836 d: Jamaica m: Lucy A. Matterson

I've listed Robinsons in Royalton,  Tunbridge, and surrounding towns in Vermont : http://wwwrobinsongenealogy.blogspot.com/2004_10_01_archive.html.  this was a thorough search of the family possibilities.

Reference: http://wwwrobinsongenealogy.blogspot.com/2004_10_01_archive.html  most detailed study I've done on Robinson & family in Vermont.  check it out!  

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