Friday, October 22, 2004


Abiathar Smith Robinson December 1829 Vermont

Abiathar Smith Robinson was born in December 1829 in New York according to census information. He married Julia Ann Tuller on February 29, 1852 Royalton, Vermont, in Tunbridge, Vermont by justice of the peace Alva Button. He died in Wenona, Illinois on October 7, 1904. He had remarried after Julia Ann died to Mary Jane Unknown.

Who were his parents? I am looking for possibilities.
1. Amos Robinson was on 1830 census of Royalton, Vermont He was the only Robinson listed on the Royalton census that year. He had a boy under 5 that could have been Abiathar. The others children were: 1 boy under 10, and there was a man between 20-30 , and a man between 30-40. There were also 2 girls under 5, 1 girl under 10, and 1 or 2 woman under 30.

We know he was in Royalton, Vermont and met Julia Ann Tuller and they married in the adjoining town of Tunbridge.

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