Monday, October 25, 2004


Tunbridge and Royalton VT Historical Societies

On 10/24/04 I emailed The Royalton Historical Society in Royalton, VT 4184 Route 14, 05068, to John Dumvile, President phone no. 802-763-8567 , and asked for possible information on Abiathar and Julia.

On 10/24/04 I emailed the Tunbridge Historical Society in Tunbridge, Vt , 224 The Crossroad, Tunbridge, VT 05077 802-889-34458, phone no. 802-889-5528 to Euclid Farnham, President 802-889-3458, and today heard it was forwarded to Euclid.

Many historical societies to genealogical searches and come up with good information.

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