Sunday, October 24, 2004


Abiathar Smith Robinson

Abiathar was born in 1829. His name would not appear on any census until 1850, when all persons in a family were listed. Until then, he was just a tally mark in a column, an unknown entity. His name was not recorded on any census for that year on Holly, a 4th cousin, has personally searched for his name in Vermont at County Records and has not found him. He has managed to elude all records thus far.
By 1850 he was 21 years old. He must have been living on his own by then, and possibly traveling by horseback when census takers were scouring new towns for infomation. By the time he met up with Julia Ann, the census was over, unless he was on a Vermont State census, and I have not found any. His name does not come up at all.
By 1860, he and his new family may have gone to Canada, which was not far from Vermont. He came back after the Civil war and we find him living in Wenona, Illinois where Frank Hugh Robinson and other siblings were born. He died there at age 75. Julia's headstone is large and prominant in the Wenona cemetery, but his is not there. She died first, and it is believed that the children paid for the stone.

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