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Amos Jr. Robinsons & Sons in 1850: Mixup

There were 8 Amos Robinsons listed on the 1850 census born in Vermont.
1. Amos age 63 b: 1786 living in Cheektowaga, Erie, NY
2. Amos age 16 b: 1833 in Stowe, Lamoille, VT
3. Amos C. age 46 b: 1803 in Barton, Orleans, VT
4. Amos age 8 b: 1841 in Barton, Orleans, VT
5. Amos age 73 b: 1776 in Mendon, Rutland, VT
6. Amos age 52 b: 1797 in Royalton, Windsor, VT
7. Amos age 19 b: 1830 in Royalton, Windsor, VT
8. Amos age 19 b: 1830 in Royalton, Windsor, VT

1. An Amos Robinson was 19 years old by 1850 and living in Royalton with the Lovejoy family. Also, Heman Durkee was on the same census sheet and was 61 years old living with wife Rebecca and her mother Polly Hatch. Heman was related to Julia Ann Tuller, Abiathar Smith Robinson's wife. Julia's mother was Asenath Durkee. Heman was her father. Julia married Abiathar in 1852 in Tunbridge.

2. Amos III. Robinson b: 1797 was on the October 29, 1850 census of Royalton, Vermont at age 52. His first wife was Betsey Davis. His 2nd wife, Lois Safford was also on the census at age 49. Also on the census with Amos were their children Cyrus, Dwight, Alfred, Calvin, William, Charles, and Cyrus Safford, Polly Safford, and Nancy Safford. Amos died in 1856 in Decatur, Illinois. He is the son of Amos Jr. Robinson who follows. He must have wanted to join his father's family who was already there. His father died there in 1836.
His other children, Austin, Martha, Mary Ann, Betsey, and Nancy were not on the census.

3. Amos Jr. Robinson b: 1767 -d: 1836 went to Decatur from Royalton, Vermont with the Packard family in 1830. and also his children by Elizabeth, Daniel, Hartwell, and sister Marilla. An archaeologist was going to dig on the land owned by Amos in the Spring. (Daniel Robinson) Amos platted the land and had a farm on the land that is currently home to Millikin University and the James Millikin homestead. He helped to build the first log courhouse in Macon County which is currently located on the Macon County Historical Museum. He was paid $5.00 for his work. Amos and his sons set out apple trees and were producing a good crop when in 1836 Amos Jr., his father died and was buried on his property in a family plot amidst the apple orchard. The farm also supported a hog pasture and there were two cemeteries that bordered or were located on some of the Robinson farm. He died in Heartfield, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois.
This is the Amos that was married to Levina Bullock, and when she passed away had married Elizabeth Hughes. On the census of 1787 he was in Hartford, Windsor, VT. He emigrated to Illinois with Elizabeth Hughes, his 2nd wife in 1830. His siblings were listed as Hiram, Cephas, Joel, George, Allen Joseph Bullard, Cyrus, by Levina, and then Emily, Marcia, Hartwell, Marilla, and Daniel.
Hiram Robinson b: 1799 married Almira Morgan in 1822. Justin Morgan Sr, father of Justin Morgan Jr. is the husband of Sarah (Sally Durkee) Their common ancestor is William Durgy Durkee and Martha Cross. He was the progenitor of the Morgan Horse.

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