Saturday, October 23, 2004


Tullers in Vermont 1850

In searching for Abiathar Smith Robinson who married Julia Ann Tuller, I thought I'd see how many Tullers were in Royalton in 1850, since these two married in Tunbridge, VT in 1852 and Julia was born in Royalton, VT. I found 34 Tullers in Vermont in 1850; two of which were in Tunbridge, and 8 (Julia Ann's family) were in Royalton.

1. Manchester, Bennington, Vt had 6 Tullers: Ira A 37, Sarah 37, Sylvia 14, Iva E 11, Charles 8, and Harriett 5. This is no doubt one family.
2. Barnet, Caledonia, VT had Benja n Tuller, 22.
3. Johnson, Lamoille, VT had Jane Tuller, 30.
4. Tunbridge, Orange, VT (very near to Royalton) Rachel M. Tuller living with Harvey Hutchinson 62, Hezekiah 26 (male), Mary Ellen 16, and her daughter Ruth E. Tuller age 2. Rachel could be Harvey Hutchinson's married daughter living at home; perhaps widowed.
5. Warren, Washington, VT had Allen, 31, Sally 32, Ira W. 6, Elicta 5, Laura 3, and Summer R 5 months.
6. Whitingham, Windham, VT had Lewis 65, Nancy 63, Olis 32, Gratia 30, Roana 6, Olive 1.12 (one month?)
7. Plymouth, Windsor, VT had Jonas M 40, Anna 38, Adoneram i 14, and Lucian M 1 yr.
8. Royalton, VT, finally had Alonzo Charles Tuller and family of 8.
None of these Tullers sound familiar to me as attached to Julia Ann's family. I could be wrong.
Why didn't Alonzo Charles Tuller and Julia Ann show up on this 1850 Royalton census list ?
I went back into ancestry and typed many things, then tried Alonzo Fuller. His baby, Alonzo J. Tuller came up. I went into the census and there was the whole family including Alonzo Charles age 40, stonemason, Aseneth, 34, Julia Ann 14, Samuel 11, Edwin 9, Albert 1, Olive 4, Alonzo J. 1 and of course, the unidentified John Robinson, 51. This shows that not everyone comes up correctly as they should. This time the T in Tuller did look like an F; but why did one come up and not the other?

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