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DNA Leads to Roxbury, New York for Abiathar Smith Robinson's birth

  Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       
DNA is leading me to one of the descendants of Reverend John Robinson of Holland who led the pilgrims to sail in the Mayflower in 1620 to America. Grandfather Frank Hugh Robinson's oral history was that his family came over not on the Mayflower but the ship after it.    My ggrandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson, said that he was born in New York before he died.  His Y haplogroup of DNA is R-L21.  He had married Julia Ann Tuller in 1852 in Tunbridge, Vermont.  She was from the town next door, Royalton, Vermont.  Earlier census said he was born in Vermont. The question is, "Who gave the census taker the information, Abiathar?  Children? 2nd Wife?                                                                                                                       
Any records as to who his parents were have been lost or destroyed.  Now I'm relying on DNA to lead to his ancestors.  I have found two ladies who share DNA with me.  We have to assume it's Robinson DNA.  One has found an Ebenezer Ganong Robinson born May 1823 in Roxbury, Delaware, New York  as an ancestor.  Ebenezer's wife was Julia Ann Morse, also born in Roxbury.
Church that Robinsons attended
I've found that Ebenezer's father was Daniel G. Robinson born in 1796 in Roxbury.  Sophia Randall, also born in Roxbury, was his wife.  Their first child was Ebenezer Ganong Robinson born 1823.
Frank Hugh Robinson as a little boy with father, Abiathar Smith Robinson
Abiathar met his wife, Julia Ann Tuller, in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont and married her in 1852 in Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont.  She was 17, he 23.   Was he from New York or Vermont? 
The 2nd child could very well have been Abiathar Smith Robinson b: 1829.  Mary E Robinson was born two years later in 1831.  Irena was born in 1835, and Abigail in 1839.  Anna Polina was born in 1842, and John H Robinson was born in 1844.   Why is it that Abiathar's records have never appeared?   Is it because he was born in December?   Ebenezer died November 20, 1900 Clark County, Washington.  Abiathar's son, Frank Hugh, died in Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon.
Batavia Kill was a small stream running down in the east of Vega Mountain in the area SE of the town of Roxbury.  The Robinsons farmed and ran mills on the banks of the Kill.  Vega Mountain, east of the town of Roxbury where Major Ebenezer Robinson, his sons and sons-in-law settled in 1793 to 1794.  "The oldest school-house in this town is the one above Robinson's grist-mill, up the Hardscrabble road. It was built in 1813, of stone, and is in as good condition as when built. Since the consolidation of the districts around the village with the village district, it has been used by the "Christians" as a place of worship, but at present there is no organization of the kind in the town."
Promoted to Major by July, 1776. A company such as he had commanded as Captain would consist of 85 to 100 men from a specific neighborhood or town. They constituted a “beat” or company. On the first “beat” of a drum, the first company would organize, and so on through the six beats of the regiment.  “Each man had to furnish his own good musket or firelock and Bayonet, sword or tomahawk, a steel ramrod, worm, priming wire and brush fitted thereto, a cartouch box to contain 23 rounds of cartridges, 12 flints and a knapsack, or to be fined under forfeiture.” 

Everyone in those days were farmers, and of course the Robinson's all over New England were farmers, too.  Major Ebenezer Robinson born 1735 that then could be Abiathar's great grandfather. He died in 1802 in Roxbury, New York.  Born in Massachusetts, he had been a Major in the Revolutionary War.   Ebenezer's son was Issachar b: 1761 in Dutchess, NY and died in Delaware, New York.  His son was Daniel G born in 1796 in Roxbury  and then Daniel's 2nd son I hope was Abiathar Smith. The 1st son, Abiathar's brother, was  then Ebenezer Ganong Robinson b 1823.  It is from this connection that we connect our DNA and our genealogy trees.  
This town was formed from Stamford March 23rd, 1799. Unfortunately the leaf containing the proceedings of the first town meeting is missing from the clerk's record-book. On a later page we have it recorded that "the subscribers, finding it necessary to lay out a road from Mantana kill [adopt] a westerly course, beginning at a heap of stones and running near the dwelling house of William Varmilya, and from thence by a line of marked trees to the dwelling house of Thomas Austin, to a beech tree marked H; the same being four rods wide.
"Done by us, John T. More, David Robinson, Commissioners of Highways."
The other lead goes to Robinsons living in Bakersfield, Franklin,  Vermont as far back as the 1790-1800 period.  
Both lines lead to Reverend John Robinson of the Pilgrims.   


1829, December: Abiathar Smith Robinson b: in NY or Vermont
1834, December 18, Julia Ann Tuller b: in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
1852, February 29, m::Abiathar-Julia in Tunbridge, Orange, Vt.
1852, November, Edward Rix Robinson b: in Vermont
1855                    Edgar Clyde Robinson b: in Vermont

Leaving Royalton, Vermont for Montreal, Canada

Farming, breaking sod on prairie

1857, October, Nellie Elizabeth Robinson b: in Canada, Upper English

1861, April 12 Civil War began in USA
1861, August, Emma Hattie Robinson b: in Canada
1864, April 21, John C. Robinson b: in Canada, Montreal English
Returning after Civil War but to Wenona, Illinois
1865, May 9 Civil War ended in USA

1865,               Julia Robinson b: in Vermont
1867, June,    William S. Robinson b: in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1870 Aug 11, Census said Abiathar's parents born in Vermont
1870, June 21, Frank Hugh Robinson b: in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1873, Jan.5, Nellie E m: Daniel C. McCullem, Omaha, Douglas, Neb.
1875, November, Minnie J. Robinson b: in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1879, March 13, Edgar Clyde m: Mary Elizabeth Acuff, Cambridge, Ill.
1880 June 7, Census said Abiathar's parents born in Vermont
1880, May 30, Arthur Roy Robinson b: in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1880, Dec 24, Emma Hattie m: George D. Miller in Wenona, Marshall, Ill.
1887, April 17, Edgar Clyde d:: Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1887, December 2,  Julia Tuller d: in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1888, Feb 22, John C m: Hermia Howell in Osage, LaSalle, Illinois
1889,            William m: Carrie A. Monninger in LaSalle, Illinois
1891, March 7, Daniel McCullem d: Omaha, Nebraska s(Nellie)
1891, Sept, Minnie J. m: Louis Sherman Cusac in Lacon, Marshall, Ill.
1892, Dec 2, Frank Hugh m: Alice Mitchell in Omaha, Nebraska
1893, Jan 5, Nellie E m: Alexander Charles Sillik in Omaha, Nebraska
1896,           Abiathar m: Mary Jan Walters in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1903,           Julia,  d: ??
1900 June 7,Census said Abiathar's parents born in New York.under 2nd wife's name, Mary J; NY, NY, NY, for Abiathar 
1904, August 11, Arthur Roy m: Minnie Mae Ross Smith in Lacon, Illinois
1904, October 7, Abiathar S. Robinson d:  in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
1905, Dec.28, Nellie E.d: Omaha,Douglas, Nebraska
1910,             Frank Hugh m: Augusta Gustafson in Sioux City, Iowa
1912, Sept. 20, Edward Rix , m: -Jenette Jenson, Tama, Iowa

1915 Model T. Ford
1918, July 5, Mary Jane Walters d: in Streator, Illinois (Abiathar S)
1922,                  Edward Rix Robinson d: in Illinois
1923, June 5, John C. d: LaSalle, Illinois
1923               Minnie J.: d: Illinois
1923, July 7, Alexander Charles Sillik d: in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Nellie)
1924, July 2, George D. Miller d: Wenona, Marshall, Illinois ? (Emma)
1927, April 17, Arthur Roy d:  in Peoria, LaSalle,  Illinois
1930, Dec 29, Emma Hattie d: Streater, LaSalle, Illinois
1935, April 19, William S. d: Peoria, LaSalle, Illinois
1936, Oct 27, Hermia Howell d: LaSalle, LaSalle, Illinois (John C)
1942 Nash Automobile
1943, Dec 14, Carrie A. Monninger d: Davenport, Iowa (William S)
1952, May 27, Frank Hugh d: Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon
1955, April 19, Augusta d: Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon (Frank)


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