Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hiram Robinsons in Vermont

Donna Robinson found several Hiram Robinsons born at the same time our Hiram Robinson was born. I've been devastated to find out that our Hiram is not my Hiram as the line doesn't match our dna. So one of these others could be our possibility.

Joseph Robinson was born on April 22, 1769 in Bennington Vermont and died on September 3, 1848. He and Rhoda Hawks had a son, Hiram, born 1802 in Swanton, Vermont. This Hiram died in 1803. Oh oh, he couldn't have fathered our Abiathar Smith Robinson.

Daniel Robinson and Elizabeth Buell's son was Hiram born on December 6, 1805 in Strafford, Vermont. He died on February 6, 1892 in Stafford, Vermont. That's much better as I figure that our Abiathar was born in Vermont. On one census it was said he was born in New York, but after that said Vermont. I have no evidence that says his father was a Hiram, however. It's just that we figure that Sally Robinson was married to a Hiram and that she was the mother of Abiathar. It's all conjecture. The two of them, Sally and Abiathar wound up living in Wenona, Illinois. She had been been the widow of Hiram.
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