Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Rix Robinson

Donna Robinson sent me this aid. My grandfather had a brother named Rix Robinson, which is a rather unusual name today. I couldn't find much, so Donna found this out.

If you use Ancestry Search and if you don't see Family Trees in the list click more. It gives a selection of categories. Look for theFamily Tree category and pick Ancestory World Tree. In the searchboxes of the pedigree put Edward Robinson for father, Eunice Rix for mother and Robinson for child. You get 74 hits. They include the following children:
Edward Robinson born 1788 in Mass
Rix Robinson born 1789 in Mass
Eunice Robinson born 1791 in Mass
Dennis Robinson born 1793 in Mass
Nathan Robinson born 1794 in Mass (had a son named Rix)
Lewis Robinson born 1796 in Mass
John Robinson born 1798 in NY (had a son named Rix)
Rodney Robinson born 1800 in NY
Ruby Robinson born 1802 in NY
Lucas Robinson born 1804
Clarinda Robinson born 1806 in NY
Ira Robinson born 1808 in NY
Susan Robinson born 1816 in NY
Haven't checked the rest to see if more Rix-s!, she said.

Being that my ggrandfather had once said he was born in NY, and another time Vermont, it makes me think that these NY births are possible. Vermont did belong to NY at one time.
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