Sunday, December 13, 2009


Older Abiathar Robinson, wife Lucretia

There was another Abiathar Robinson born in Foxboro, Massachusetts in abt 1799 who married Lucretia W. or H. Strange born November 14, 1800 in Taunton, Massachusetts on abt July 20, 1837 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. That would have been a little late to be my Abiathar's parents as he was born in 1829. However, this Abiathar could have been his father as he would have been at least 29 years old to father him. He could have been previously married that the records haven't shown. He could have taken a trip to Vermont.

So far I haven't found this Abiathar and or Lucretia on any census. They are just recorded in three records in Massachusetts of gettin married, each record a slightly different date. The one above is recorded in the Family History Center, and the others in Mass. town records of April 4, 1838 and May 6, 1838. I wonder if they married 3 times. It just goes to show that even written records can be different.
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