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Who Else Moved to Canada From Vermont with the Abiathar Smith Robinsons?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 
Conestoga Wagon handling 6 tons

Abiathar and Julia Ann Robinson went to Canada from Royalton and Tunbridge, Vermont because  their 3rd child, Nellie Elizabeth Robinson born in October of 1857, was born in Upper Canada, which was English.    "The American Revolution attracted British loyalists from America to the region around Sherbrooke, a manufacturing center, who began to covet the land and obtain government grants."                                                 
The distance between Royalton, Vermont and Montreal, Canada is 261.9 km or 162 miles
Today it would take us 2 hours and 46 minute on I-89S.  

Abiathar and Julia would have traveled by Conestoga Wagon, as pictured above.  It could carry 6 tons of themselves and their possessions.  " In Canada, the Conestoga wagons were used by Pennsylvania German migrants who left the United States for Southern Ontario, Canada
This truck only handles 2 tons
The Civil War would take place starting on April 12, 1861 with the Confederates attaching Fort Sumpter in South Carolina shortly after President Abe Lincoln's inauguration. Was this the reason that the Robinsons left Vermont for Canada across the way?  Did they suspect it would happen?  Why did they leave Vermont for an even colder climate? 
There was the Underground Railroad.  "It was formed in the late 1700s, and reached its height between 1850 and 1860. One estimate suggests that by 1850, 100,000 slaves had escaped via the "Railroad."
British North America (present-day Canada), where slavery was prohibited, was a popular destination, as its long border gave many points of access. Most former slaves settled in Ontario. More than 30,000 people were said to have escaped there via the network during its 20-year peak period,  although U.S. Census figures account for only 6,000.  Numerous fugitives' stories are documented in the 1872 book The Underground Railroad Records by William Still, an abolitionist who then headed the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee." ". Federal marshals and professional bounty hunters known as slave catchers pursued fugitives as far as the Canada–US border.   "The St. Albans Raid (where Alonzo Tullar was born)  was the northernmost land action of the American Civil War.  It was a controversial raid from Canada by Confederate soldiers meant to rob banks to raise money and to trick the Union Army into diverting troops to defend their northern border against further raids. It took place in St. Albans, Vermont, on October 19, 1864.  Were our ancestors "abolitionists?  Vermont was known as the most anti-slavery state in the nation 
Descendants of Abiathar Smith Robinson

[4] Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in New York/  Tunbridge, Orange/ Jamaica, Windham, Vermont d: October 07, 1904 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
. +Julia Ann Tuller b: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont d: December 02, 1887 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
.... [1] Edward "Rix" Robinson b: November 1852 in Vermont d: 1922 in Illinois
........ +Jenette Charlotte Nettie Anette Jenson b: 1835 in Pennsylvania d: in Illinois
.... *2nd Wife of [1] Edward "Rix" Robinson:
........ +Nora E. Gunning Stull b: 1856 in Indiana
.... Edgar Clyde Clayton Robinson b: 1855 in Vermont d: April 17, 1887 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
........ +Mary Elizabeth Acuff b: April 22, 1859 in Geneseo,  Henry, Illinois d: July 14, 1935 in Cambridge, Henry, Illinois
1856 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: James Buchanan and John Breckenridge are elected president and vice president (Democratic Party). 
March 6, 1857: The Dred Scott Decision was announced by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision, which asserted that African Americans could not be American citizens, inflamed the debate over slavery
.... [2] Nellie Elizabeth Robinson b: October 1857 in Upper Canada (Eng.) d: December 28, 1905 in Omaha, Nebraska, Douglas County
........ +Daniel C. McCullom McCollem b: August 15, 1857 in prob. Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois d: March 07, 1891 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, age 36
.... *2nd Husband of [2] Nellie Elizabeth Robinson:
........ +Alexander Charles "Campbell" Sillik b: July 17, 1855 in Richland, Ohio/Livingston, Madison, Illinois d: July 07, 1923 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
March 4, 1861: Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the president(Republican Party) of the United States.
.... Emma "Hattie" Robinson b: August 1861 in Canada d: December 29, 1930 in Streater, La Salle, Illinois
........ +George D. Miller b: September 23, 1855 in Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois d: July 02, 1924 in prob. Wenona, Illinois
October 3, 1863: President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation declaring a Day of Thanksgiving to he observed on the last Thursday in November.
.... JOHN C. Robinson b: April 21, 1864 in Montreal, Canada (Eng). d: June 05, 1923 in La Salle, Illinois
........ +Hermia Howell b: August 09, 1863 in Dana, LaSalle, Illinois d: October 27, 1936 in La Salle, La Salle,  Illinois

18651865 December 6 - The Abolishment of Slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, thus officially abolishing slavery.
.... Julia Robinson b: 1865 in Vermont d: 1903
.... WILLIAM S. Robinson b: June 1867 in prob. Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois d: April 19, 1935 in Peoria/ LaSalle,  Illinois
........ +Carrie A. Monninger b: February 05, 1867 in Dana, LaSalle, Illinois d: December 14, 1943 in Davenport, Iowa
.... [3] FRANK Hugh Robinson b: June 21, 1870 in Wenona,Marshall County, Illinois d: May 27, 1952 in Hillsboro,Washington County,  Oregon, age 81
........ +Alice Mitchell b: January 1877 in South Dakota d: 1902 in Iowa/Nebraska
.... *2nd Wife of [3] FRANK Hugh Robinson:
........ +Gustafva"Augusta" Johansson Gustafson b: January 31, 1870 in (Village) Lumsheden, Svardsjo parish, Kopparbergs lan (county)Dalarna Province,  Sweden d: April 19, 1955 in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon, age 85
.... MINNIE J. Robinson b: November 1875 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois d: 1923 in Illinois
........ +Louis Sherman Cusac b: January 20, 1866 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, d: October 05, 1944 in Limestone Twp., Peoria County, Illinois
.... ARTHUR Roy Robinson b: May 30, 1880 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois d: April 17, 1927 in Peoria, LaSalle, Illinois, Peoria County Hospital
........ +Minnie Mae "Ross"Smith b: June 22, 1885 in Varna, Marshall, Illinois d: February 07, 1974 in Chillicothe, Peoria, LaSalle, Illinois
*2nd Wife of [4] Abiathar Smith Robinson:

. +Mary Jane Deffenbaugh Walters b: November 27, 1832 in Hocking County, Ohio d: July 05, 1918 in Streator, Illinois, age 85

Nellie Robinson was born in October of 1857 in Upper Canada, the English section.
Emma Robinson was then born in August of 1861 while in Canada.
John C. Robinson was born on April 21, 1864 in Montreal, Canada, the English section.
The Civil War was soon over on May 9, 1865, though the last shot was fired a month later on June 22nd.

I found that Julia Robinson was born in 1865 in Vermont, though she wasn't on the 1870 or 1880 census.  I found a death date of 1903 for her.  Was she a part of this family?  I think her name has been added incorrectly.

William S. Robinson was then born in June of 1867 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, where Abiathar and Julia Ann remained and where they were buried.

Julia Ann's brother, Albert Clark Tullar b: February, 1843 in Royalton, Vermont, had lived next door to each other on the August 11, 1870 census in Wenona, Illinois.     Albert was a Reverend.  Albert's first son, Byron Monroe Tullar, was born in Canada, the English part on June 21, 1860.  (Albert lived next door to Abiatha Smith Robinson and his sister Julia Ann at age 27 on the 1870 census.  He was a brick mason.
At the time he was married to Martha, and had three children; Fred, Frank and Wesesoror.   He had a 10 year old boy living with him born in Canada that I cannot read the name of.  It looks like Munsos (Munroe) and he was white.  This boy is his first son Byron going by his middle name.)   Albert's 3rd son was born in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, so the brother in laws were staying pretty close.  Did they go to Canada together?  That 2nd son was born in nearby New York.  People seemed to move around as much as we often do.                                 

[3] Alonzo Charles Tuller b: October 22, 1809 in St. Albans, Vermont (Franklin County) d: January 29, 1870 in Rockwell, LaSalle, Illinois
.. +Asenith Asinith Durkee b: 1814 in Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont d: 1868 in Royalton, Windsor County, Vermont/Rockwell, Illinois
. Julia Ann Tuller b: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont d: December 02, 1887 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
..... +Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in New York/  Tunbridge, Orange/ Jamaica, Windham, Vermont d: October 07, 1904 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
. Samuel Tullar b: February 1840 in Tunbridge, Vermont d: Aft. 1900 in prob. Worcester City, Worcester County, Massachusetts
..... +Maria Keef b: December 25, 1837 in Shefford, Quebec , Canada d: Aft. 1900 in prob. Worcester City, Worcester County, Massachusetts
. Edwin Tullar b: April 1840 in Royalton, Vermont d: May 04, 1907 in Fort Dodge, Iowa
..... +Jane Ann McLean b: November 1835 in Vermont/Shefford, Quebec, Eastern Canada d: September 09, 1915 in Quimby, Iowa
. Albert Abner Clark Tullar, Reverend b: February 1843 in Royalton, Vermont d: 1895 in Fort Dodge, Webster, Iowa
..... +Martha M. Lathrop b: 1841 in Franklin County, Franklin, New York d: Aft. 1910 in Iowa ?
. Olive Tullar b: 1846 in Royalton, Vermont
..... +Calvin Jones b: Abt. 1846
. [1] Alonzo Julius Tullar b: July 1849 in Royalton, Vermont d: September 30, 1933 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista, Iowa, age 84
..... +Jane Unknown b: Abt. 1849
. *2nd Wife of [1] Alonzo Julius Tullar:
..... +Anna Jane Dignum b: May 1847 in Detroit, Michigan d: May 07, 1932 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista, Iowa
. Meleca Tuller b: 1851 in prob. Vermont, United States
. [2] Charles Clarence Tuller b: January 11, 1858 in Canada d: April 28, 1931 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa
..... +E Unknown b: 1862 in Illinois d: Aft. 1880 in Fort Dodge, Iowa
. *2nd Wife of [2] Charles Clarence Tuller:
..... +Mary Eileen Ritchie b: May 1862 in Iowa/Cook county, Illinois, d: Bef. 1930
. *3rd Wife of [2] Charles Clarence Tuller:
..... +Anna B. Robeson b: June 26, 1865 in Aledo, Illinois d: July 02, 1942 in Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa
. Amanda Tuller b: 1860 in Vermont d: 1960
. [4] Itti Tuller b: 1860 in Canada
*2nd Wife of [3] Alonzo Charles Tuller:
.. +Betty Ann Unknown b: Abt. 1816 in United States
. [4] Itti Tuller b: 1860 in Canada

Street lights shine in the Plains of Abraham, a historic battlefield in Quebec City. 
It's quite possible it was a family venture.  Albert's father, Alonzo Tullar b: October 1809 in St. Albans, Franklin, Vermont, was on the 1861 census in Shefford Township, Shefford Co, Quebec.  It's located in Southern Quebec.   He later died in 1870 in Rockwell, LaSalle, Illinois, quite close to Wenona, Illinois.

Today, the native language found in Shefford, Quebec is:
Mother tongue language (2006)
LanguagePopulationPct (%)
French only5,34590.13%
English only4507.59%
Both English and French550.93%
Other languages801.35%
Albert's brother, Samuel Tullar,born February 1840 in Tunbridge, Vermont,  was also on the 1861 and 1881 census in Shefford, Quebec, Canada.

Another brother, Edwin Tullar b: April 1840 in Royalton, Vermont, was on the 1861 census.
Brother Alonzo Julius Tullar b: July 1849 in Royalton, Vemont was on the 1861 census
Young brother Charles Clarence Tullar  was born in Canada in 1858, so the family must have arrived a little sooner, and of course he was also on the Quebec 1861 census with the others.

The 4 girls of the family were not listed.  Girls marry, and are hard to track. I'm at a loss with Olive b: 1846, Meleca b: 1851,  and Amanda and Iti born 1860.   I'm presuming the twins were born in Canada.
There were many places that people could cross the border between Canada and the USA. Royalton was right across from Canada, almost.  Lacolis, Quebec is listed as #31.
The Civil War was over by May 9, 1865.  The family moved back to the States and was found on the 1870 census in Illinois and with the Tullars, in Iowa, but not in Vermont.
Boy of 1865
Julia's parents and siblings went to Canada about the same time she and her husband, Abiathar Smith Robinson, moved to Canada as well.  She became pregnant immediately after marrying in February 1852 in Tunbridge, and then had another child in 1855 in Vermont, so must have had 2 boys, Edward and Edgar with them when they moved to Canada.  I've never found evidence of these boys being in Canada, however.  They must have not been on the 1861 census.  Now, where could the  9 year old and 6 year old be?

Resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_War
https://archive.org/stream/historyofroyalto02love/historyofroyalto02love_djvu.txt  I checked this book out of the library and used it heavily.  It's a book on reserve, very special.
Update 10/25/17 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherbrooke

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