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Looking for Abiathar Smith Robinson's Parents

Nadene Goldfoot
Somewhere between New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, my great grandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson,  lived.  Where he was born on December 1829  was either New York or Vermont; most likely Vermont.  At one time Vermont had been a part of New York..  There must have been a lot of snow on the ground and that could be the reason why it wasn't recorded.  At least it hasn't made any paper records that I know of.  I haven't been able to find it.
                                                        Vermont and its counties.
He married Julia Ann Tuller b:  December 18, 1834, who was on the 1850 census in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont on   February 29, 1852 in Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont which was very close to Royalton, Vermont.
 In 1780, British- led Indians burned Royalton down.  Royalton is what is called today "Central Vermont".  This proved danger was real.  Families had been coming southward since this was happening in other parts of Vermont. Among those killed was a soldier named Giles Gibb who wrote Yankee Doodle.

 I note that the paper evidence spelling Robinson as Roberson.
Royalton was full of Robinsons.  A 51 year old man, John Robinson, was living with the Tullers on the 1850 census.  I thought perhaps he was Abiathar's father.  Amos Robinson, the 4th Amos of 4 generations, also lived in Royalton.  His father, Amos, came from Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. He had also moved to Illinois and died there in Decatur, Macon County and was buried in his apple orchard.   His father, Amos, was the one who had lived in Massachusetts and then he had moved to Lebanon, Connecticut.  His father, Amos, had been born in Topsfield, Essex, Massachustts.  This brings us to a James Robinson also of Topsfield who was born in 1680.  His father was John born in 1641 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts.  His father, another John, came from Meppershall, Bedfordshire, England and then moved to Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire.
Ships sailed in a fleet to Massachusetts in 1630 from England.

 Julia Ann was 17 years 2 months 11 days when she married. Abiathar was 23.   Her first son was born that year, a Rix Robinson.  She had 2 more  boys each year after that. Her three boys were Rix, Edgar Clyde and Edward.   By 1857 the family was in Canada where Nellie Elizabeth Robinson was born.  Emma-or Hattie was also born in Canada in 1861.  John C was born in Montreal, Canada in 1864.  The next year of 1865 Julia was born back in Vermont.  William was born in 1867 in Wenona, Illinois where the family had moved to and where the parents died.  My grandfather was born in Wenona in 1870.  Five years later along came a little sister, Minnie J.  The last child was Arthur Roy in 1879.

After hitching up to Julia Ann, Abiathar stayed with her brother.   She and Abiather lived next door to her younger brother Albert Tuller on the 1870 census of Wenona, Illinois.  She was 36 and her brother was 27.  Julia's headstone says died Dec. 2, 1887. Age 52.  Records at Marshall Co. court house confirm this.  The 1850 census for Royalton, VT lists her as 15 years old.  She was on the 1880 census and listed as 45 years old.
The fact is that my grandfather Frank Hugh ran away from home about the time he should have left anyway, but he left angry at his father who he thought was too strict and religious.  They lived on a farm and Frank's horse was in the pasture on the Sabbath.  Somehow the big bull got into that pasture and Frank wanted to move the horse to save it from being killed by the bull but his father wouldn't let him because it was the Sabbath.  The horse may have been killed, as he left home and never returned.  By the time he had left, most of his siblings had already left home anyway.  He had mentioned having a red-headed sister.  That must have been Minnie J who was 5 years younger.  Arthur Roy was a good 9 years younger, so he was just a little boy.  He later has a grandson named Tom who has gotten together with my brother and myself  in trying to discover our gggrandparents.  We met at the Wenona Cemetery and had a lovely get together a few years ago.
We have a very good match with James Alton Robinson in DNA of the Y haplogroup matching.  Our allele #393 is a 12 and not the usual 13. We both took the 67 allele Y dna test and have a distance of 5.  Just 4 generations from now we only have a 8.85% chance of connecting with a common ancestor.  We have to go back farther.
8 generations ago gives us a 45.49% chance of sharing a common ancestor.
12 generations ago gives us a 77.78% chance.  That would be  300 years ago in 1714.
16 generations ago gives us a 92.94% chance.  That would be  400 years ago in 1614.
20 generations ago gives us a 98.10% chance.  That would be  500 years ago in 1514 in England
24 generations ago gives us a 99.54% chance.  That would be 600 years ago in 1414 in England.

 Somehow we have to connect our tree back in the 1600's somehow.  His family started in Massachusetts like ours was said to have started, and ended in Maine whereas ours went to Vermont and then Illinois.  Our oral history from our grandfather Frank was that our ancestor came over not on the Mayflower but the ship after that.  So no doubt that Massachusetts would have been the place to land before changing course.

We'll connect somewhere along the line.  either in England or Massachusetts, but how for sure do I connect to his line.  I'm not sure the Amos is the father as I have no paper proof of who it is, only where I should arrive eventually.  We match up with a lot of people from Ireland in the DNA test.  It could be some immigrant from Ireland that came over as an indentured servant was our ancestor or that they were indentured once way in the past.  .


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