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Discovery of Hiram Robinson's Missing Son

I had figured out that a Hiram Robinson born 1799 in Royalton, Vermont could have been the father of my ggrandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson. I hoped Abiathar had also been from Royalton being he married Julia Ann Tuller who was born in Royalton. They went over the county line to Tunbridge to marry in 1852, which was just a few miles away.

Hiram's 1840 census showed that he had a son that wasn't on the known list of his children. It would have fit the year Abiathar was born. What I did was check out Robinsons from Royalton, and Hiram was most interesting. He was married to Almira Morgan, whose father was the famous Justin Morgan, who started the Morgan horses. He's so famous that his tombstone is in the museum in Randolph, Orange, Vermont.

I contacted the Historical Society of Sandy Creek, Oswego, New York where many of this family had been living. They answered immediately with three pieces of printed information from January 19, 1928 in which Hiram's grandson, Charles H. Robinson had sent in information about his grandparents and their children.

The missing child's name was Albert, not Abiathar. So close and yet not the brass ring. I wondered if this grandson was going by his memory or if he had a bible with the name written in it. The child could have had the birthday of Abiathar being which was December 1829.

The surprising thing is that another son of Hiram's is also Justin Morgan, Jr. who married Sarah "Sally" Durkee who is really my 3rd cousin 5X removed. This Justin died in Stockbridge, Windsor, VT which is cattycorner from Royalton, VT south and west of it.

I printed out information from Tunbridge, VT about their cemeteries and found they have a Durkee Cemetery used from 1812 to 1981. Now I know for sure that I must visit this place where so many of my ancestors were. Alva Button married my Abiathar and Julia and they have a Button Cemetery used from 1780 to today. They also have a Hutchinson used from 1788 to 1923 and we have Hutchinsons on the tree.

Abiathar was born in 1829, so looking at the population in Tunbridge in 1830, I see they had 1,920 people. Royalton had 1,893. One of these men could have been the father I'm looking for.

Resource: Sketches from Charles H. Robinson January 19, 1928 from Sandy Creek Historian

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