Friday, July 30, 2010


Robinson's 393=12 , Blood Type and Scots or Irish Descent

Given that DYS393 apparently has an extremely low mutation rate, WHY do the DYS393=12 participants seem to exhibit some characteristics atypical of the general population of west European ancestry? Such as some indication that some of them belong to Blood Group B... which is of ASIAN origin. Such as appearing to be rooted in Ulster and along the Anglo-Scottish Border, rather than eastern Europe or western Asia. Are they in fact not properly classified as R1b? This is information from the Border Reivers group of dna tested people of R1b's with a 393=12 and not the general 13 allele. This makes us rather special.

According to the results I have for our R1b lineage, we had 20 hits in Ireland. I see that evidently there are others with this dys 393=12 that are from Scotland, but they must vary from our results in other alleles. I guess I'll have to go for that last step in dna haplogroup testing to get to the bottom of this.


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