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Senator Rix Robinson of Michigan

Nadene Goldfoot                                    
Senator Rix Robinson b: August 28, 1789, Senator from 1847-1849 Michigan
Could be possible relative who had married the daughter of an Indian Chief.
When she died, and married another relation to the next Indian chief.
in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusetts;  died in
Ada, Kent, Michigan.  

Rix Robinson was invited to manage this territory by John Jacob Astor, the major shareholder in the American Fur Co. After taking over from Madame LaFramboise, Robinson is said to have moved the post to the fork of the Thornapple River and the Grand River, further west from the original post. He had two Ottawa wives and numerous relationships with the area Native Americans living and trading throughout the territory. His son John, by his first wife, later became a Methodist missionary to the Ottawa and Chippewa. After 1834 Robinson gave up the post to become active in public service, both at the local and state level. He acted as a liaison between the government and the Native Americans, in their relocation from territory north of Grand Rapids. Robinson was also a member of the State Constitutional Convention in 1850, and State Senator in 1854, and an early advocate for woman's suffrage. 
I have some nuggets of clues. Frank Hugh, Abiathar's son,  told me his ancestors came from Wales on the next ship after the Mayflower.  I haven't found any Robinson in the 1630 Armada of ships.  Was it a Robinson?  
One of Abiathar's sons married an Indian princess, said to have married 8, not just 2, said one report.
Abiathar Smith Robinson was born in New York.  I found him marrying his wife, Julia Ann Tuller of Royalton, Vermont, in 1852 in Tunbridge, Vermont-next door to Royalton, with lots of relatives on both sides., Tullers and Robinsons. He was living in Tunbridge in 1852.  There was a John Robinson living in Tunbridge, just the right age to be his father, too, who could have been the one living in Julia's home on the 1850 census.
A John Robinson, age 51, was living with Julia's Tuller family listed on the 1850 census.
Pretty skimpy clues, and so elusive.  There are a million John Robinsons, at about the same age as this one.  There is NO Abiathar Smith Robinson listed on any 1850 census or 1860-but one probably was found in Canada by a researcher as the family seemed to go there during the Civil War and return when it was over and emigrated to Wenona, Marshall, Illinois, where a widow, Sarah Smith Robinson, wife of Hiram Robinson, lived.  Was Sarah his mother?  Was Hiram his deceased father? He had died young.   Sarah had remarried.

Coming Back To an Old Possible Father of Abiathar with the Right First Names Like Rix
This one has as wife of an Edward; Eunice Rix. and Rix is used more than once.    One problem or help, depending, is that his family lived in Cayuga, New York, yes, a New York like he had said that he was born in New York.
Notice that Rix was married to an Indian lady, according to the rumors we had heard about the family; that a Robinson had married an Indian Princess.
My uncle was EDWARD Kenneth  Robinson b: 1915.
One of Abiathar's sons was named Rix.
Descendants of EDWARD R. Robinson, Private

1  EDWARD R. Robinson, Privateb: June 16, 1763 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut d: December 02, 1836 in Scipio, Cayuga, New York
..+EUNICE RIX b: July 03, 1765 in Preston, New London, Connecticutd: August 24, 1834 in Venice/Scipioville, Cayuga, New York
.2  Edward R. Robinsonb: June 08, 1788 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: March 02, 1845 in Ada, Kent, Michigan
.....+Mary Hoagb: January 18, 1792 in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusttsd: August 27, 1881 in Evart, Osceola, Michigan
.....3  Nelson LaVerne Robinsonb: 1811 in Leroy, Gennessee, New Yorkd: October 01, 1877 in Kent County, Michigan
.........+Barbara Reid Reedb: 1812 in Scotlandd: September 16, 1890 in Michigan
.....3  Mary Robinsonb: 1814
.....3  Susan Robinsonb: 1816
.....3  Emaline Robinsonb: 1818
.....3  Charles A. Robinsonb: July 20, 1820 in Manchester, Ontario, New Yorkd: 1845 in Kent, Michigan
.........+Abigail E.b: 1822
.....3  [1] Ethan Rix Robinsonb: November 17, 1821 in Cayuga, New Yorkd: January 03, 1905 in Missauke, Michigan
.........+Elizabeth Ann Unknownb: Abt. 1829 in New Yorkd: Abt. 1852 in Michigan
.....*2nd Wife of [1] Ethan Rix Robinson:
.........+Sabrina G. Chapelb: December 29, 1834 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigand: February 05, 1907 in Ensley Twp., Newaygo Co., Michigan.
.....3  Dennis Robinsonb: 1822 in New Yorkd: August 09, 1899 in Evart, Osceola, Michigan
.........+Margaret McNaughtonb: 1824
.....3  Edward Robinsonb: 1825
.........+Mariab: 1832 in New York
.....3  Stephen H. Robinsonb: 1825 in New York
.........+Mary J.b: 1831
.....3  Mary J. Robinsonb: 1829
.....3  George Robinsonb: 1830
.....3  Henry Robinsonb: 1833
.........+Mary Annb: 1840
.....3  Jessie H. Robinsonb: December 08, 1836
.....3  Rix Rodney Robinsonb: February 02, 1838 in Michigan
Rix's 2nd wife,Sippi Quay Dow Das "River Woman" Robinson ( - 1875  

.2  [2] Rix Robinson, Senator "Rix Robinson is one of 12 children from the second marriage of Edward
Robinson to Eunice Rix. from Wayne Simmons.""
He had the advantages of an excellent common school and academic training at an academy in Cayuga County. At the age of about nineteen years he began the study of law with the approval of his parents at Auburn, New York, in a law office of excellent repute, which he continued three years, and then was admitted to practice law in 1811, or possibly in 1812. Soon after this, and before he had entered upon his practice, the War of 1812 began. His father was a very bitter opponent of it, as were many from Connecticut and Massachusetts who considered it unnecessary and suicidal."

b: August 28, 1789 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: January 12, 1875 in Ada, Kent, Michigan
.....+Se-be-quay "Sippy" River Womanb: Abt. 1789 in Ada, Kent, Michigand: April 03, 1876
.*2nd Wife of [2] Rix Robinson, Senator:
.....+Pee-miss-a-quot-oquay Flying Cloudb: Abt. 1789d: 1848 in Ottowa County, Ada, Michigan
.....3  John Rix Robinson, Reverendb: March 05, 1826 in Duck Lake, Muskegon, Michigan d: April 23, 1897 in Isabella, Isabella County, Michigan
.........+Lucy Ann Withey IIIb: June 22, 1829 in St. Albans, Franklin, Vermontd: April 08, 1884 in Isabella, Isabella, Michigan
.....3  George W. Robinsonb: 1836
.2  Eunice Robinsonb: March 31, 1791 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: September 23, 1857 in McHenry, Illinois
.....+Richard Churchb: Abt. 1778 in Massachusettsd: August 07, 1853 in Woodstock, McHenry, Illinois
.....3  Rix Robinson Churchb: 1815d: Aft. 1850
.2  Dennis Robinsonb: February 06, 1793 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: August 20, 1849 in Auburn, Cayuga, New York
.....+Mariab: Abt. 1801d: Aft. 1849 in prob. Auburn, Cayuga, New York
.....3  Samuel Dill Robinsonb: Abt. 1819
.2  [3] Nathan Robinsonb: December 22, 1794 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: January 07, 1872 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.....+Susan Unknownb: March 08, 1798 in New Yorkd: September 14, 1851 in Lowell,  Kent County, Michigan
.....3  Harriet Robinsonb: October 14, 1818 in New Yorkd: December 12, 1857 in Michigan
.........+Joseph P. Woodruffb: 1815 in Georgiad: in Michigan
.....3  Alfred Aphius Robinsonb: 1821 in New Yorkd: in Michigan
.........+Julianne Unknownb: 1832
.....3  William Robinsonb: 1822 in New Yorkd: September 30, 1874 in Vergennes, Kent, Michigan
.........+Sarah Caroline Danielsb: 1825 in New Hampshired: 1884
.....3  Sabrah A. Robinsonb: August 04, 1826 in New Yorkd: February 09, 1864 in Lowell,  Kent County, Michigan
.........+John B. Shearb: 1814 in New Yorkd: Bef. 1880 in Michigan
.....3  Rix Robinsonb: April 07, 1830 in prob. Cayuga, New York/ Michigand: 1849 in Lowell/ Vergennes, Kent, Michigan
.....3  Edward Robinsonb: Abt. 1830 in New York
.....3  Mariah Robinsonb: May 06, 1832 in New Yorkd: May 10, 1863
.....3  Philette Phebe Robinsonb: January 22, 1838 in Michigand: August 11, 1850 in Vergennes, Kent, Michigan
.....3  George W. Robinsonb: August 1840 in Michigand: Bet. 1900 - 1920 in prob. New Jersey
.........+Eva S.b: June 1852 in Ohio
.*2nd Wife of [3] Nathan Robinson:
.....+Susanb: March 08, 1798 in New Yorkd: September 14, 1851 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.2  Lewis Robinsonb: September 22, 1796 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusettsd: March 01, 1873 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.....3  Roxanna Robinsonb: May 10, 1830 in Scipio, Cayuga, New Yorkd: September 22, 1903 in Northville, Wayne, Michigan
.........+Calvin Smithb: 1809d: 1884
.2  JOHN ROBINSON, father ? b: April 12, 1798 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusetts d: 1857 in Robinson, Ottawa County, Michigan                                       
Seneca Park, Cayuga, New York

.....+Eliza Fowlerb: Abt. 1800 in Cayuga, Cayuga, New York d: 1849 in Ottawa, Michigan
.....3  Ethern Robinsonb: 1823 in New York
.........+Eliza A.b: 1829 in New York
.....3  Alfred Robinsonb: 1824 in Ostego County, Franklin, New Yorkd: March 31, 1888 in Robinson Twp, , Ottawa, Michigan
.........+Juliane Julia Ann Kingb: 1829 in New Yorkd: April 19, 1888
.....3  [4] Erastus G. Robinsonb: June 10, 1826 in Cayuga, New Yorkd: April 07, 1915 in Pennsylvania
.........+Maryette Wheelockb: May 14, 1831 in Ohio/Erie, Pennsylvaniad: February 27, 1881 in Ionia, Michigan
.....*2nd Wife of [4] Erastus G. Robinson:
.........+Lavina H. Leatherberyb: February 15, 1839 in Ohiod: August 16, 1902 in Sherwood, Branch, Michigan                        
 Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1871  in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
                                                 to Abiathar and Unknown where Abiathar was buried.

.....3  [5] Abiathar Smith Robinsonb: December 1829 in New York/  Jamaica, Windham, Vermontd: October 07, 1904 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
.........+Julia Ann Tullerb: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermontd: December 02, 1887 in Wenona, Marshall, Illinois
.....*2nd Wife of [5] Abiathar Smith Robinson:
.........+Mary Jane Unknown Waltersb: November 1832 in Ohiod: July 1918 in Streator, Illinois, age 85                                                                    
Frank Hugh as small boy with Abiathar Smith Robinson
.....3  Benjamin Franklin Robinsonb: March 15, 1834 in Ottawa County, Ada, Michigan d: March 05, 1901 in Robinson Twp. , Ottowa, Michigan
.........+Adelaide Griswoldb: May 06, 1844 in Vermontd: July 20, 1930 in Grand Haven, Ottowa, Michigan
.....3  Franklin W. Robinsonb: 1842 in Ottawa, Michigand: March 05, 1901 in Robinson, Ottawa, Michigan
.2  Rodney Robinsonb: March 29, 1800 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusetts/ New Yorkd: December 11, 1875 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.....+Mary Shawb: April 12, 1805 in New Yorkd: April 29, 1859 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.2  Ruby Robinsonb: May 26, 1802 in New Yorkd: February 14, 1890 in Michigan
.2  Lucas Robinsonb: April 02, 1804 in Cayuga, New Yorkd: February 14, 1876 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.....+Delila Shawb: February 25, 1805 in New Yorkd: November 12, 1879 in Lowell, Kent, Michigan
.2  Clarinda Robinsonb: September 23, 1806 in Scipio, Cayuga, New Yorkd: 1822 in prob Scipio, Cayuga, New York
.2  Ira E. Robinsonb: November 29, 1808 in Scipio, Cayuga, New York/ Massachusettsd: March 25, 1891 in Robinson, Ottawa, Michigan
.....+Phebe L. Courtrite Cortwrightb: 1812 in New Yorkd: December 05, 1886 in South Robinson, Ottawa, Michigan
.....3  Ransom H. Robinsonb: 1833d: 1920
.2  Susan Robinsonb: March 31, 1816 in New Yorkd: September 21, 1888 in Michigan

We end up with Edward Robynson Robinson b: 1615 in England.  Isn't Robynson a Welch way of spelling Robinson?  Didn't people say they same from England the way we Jews said we came from Russia instead of specifically mentioning Lithuania?  


 as a boys' name is of Old German and Old English origin, and the name Robynson means "bright fame; son of Robert". Robynson is an alternate form of Robert (Old German). Robynson is also a form of Robinson (Old English): usually a surname.


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