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John Robinson and the Tuller 1850 Census of Royalton- Possible Ancestors back to 1647 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
Dorchester is a historic neighborhood comprising over 6 square miles (16 km2) in BostonMassachusettsUnited States. Originally, Dorchester was a separate town, founded by Puritans who emigrated in 1630 from DorchesterDorsetEngland. This dissolved municipality, Boston's largestneighborhood by far,  is often divided by city planners in order to create two planning areas roughly equivalent in size and population to other Boston neighborhoods.

So our Robinson ancestors could have come from Dorset, England.  

Dorset is a county in South West England on the English Channel coast. The ceremonial county comprises the non-metropolitan county, which is governed by Dorset County Council, and the unitary authority areas of Poole and Bournemouth."
Working with the elusive John Robinson who lived with Julia Ann Tuller's parents in Royalton, who was 51 on the 1850 census, I have a possible new branch going back to Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont
John, I found, must be the John Robinson in Tunbridge, Vermont.  Abiathar and Julia Ann Tuller got married there on February 29, 1852 by the Justice of Peace, Alva Button.  Lots of their family lived in Tunbridge, which was just next door to Royalton,  Windsor, Vermont.  Julia Ann's mother, Asenath,  was a Durkee and there were lots in Tunbridge.

This reminds me of our grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1871, who told us that his ancestors came over NOT on the Mayflower of 1620, but the ship after that.  That could have been a ship in the fleet that came in about 1640.  James would have been a good ancestor of that fleet living in Dorchester, Mass.

Descendants of James ROBINSON

1   James ROBINSON b: 1647 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
.. +Mary BAKER b: February 14, 1640/41 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
. 2   [2] John Robinson, Reverend b: 1681 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
..... +Mary Tileston Payson b: 1685
..... 3   James Robinson b: May 19, 1704 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
......... +Mary b: Abt. 1704
......... 4   THOMAS Robinson, son of James b: March 12, 1782 in Vermont
............. +Polly Henry b: 1793 in Vermont
............. 5   JOHN Robinson b: Bet. 1799 - 1803 in Tunbridge, Orange, Vermont
................. +Unknown
................. 6   [1] Abiathar Smith Robinson b: December 1829 in New York/  Vermont
..................... +Julia Ann Tuller b: December 18, 1834 in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont
................. *2nd Wife of [1] Abiathar Smith Robinson:
..................... +Mary Jane Unknown Walters b: November 1832 in Ohio
..... 3   John Robinson b: March 20, 1705/06
. *2nd Wife of [2] John Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Hannah Wiswall b: 1681
..... 3   John Robinson b: 1715
..... 3   Samuel Robinson b: 1717
..... 3   Ichabod Robinson b: 1720

James and Mary b: 1647  married on September 27, 1664 in Dorchester.
Their grandson, James b: 1704 in Dorchester was a pioneer settler of Chester, Windsor, Vermont where he died.

Census information started in 1790, so anything earlier does not have that type of information.  Even at that, from 1790 to 1850, only the head of the house-most likely the men, were listed with a name.  Others were tally marks in columns.  There was written information that the county or town kept, and often it was very spotty.  That's what people have to depend on.  Then there are tax lists, etc, other things concerning deaths and inheritance.

The information came from my research on  I went from other trees who had established parents to keep on following until there were no more.  I also checked out any resources available for each person.

I have changed John Robinson, the connection to Sherie's tree.  I had picked John Robinson b: 1799 on Tunbridge.  She didn't know who her John was, only that the father was John Robinson.  I have been presuming Abiathar's father was the John Robinson on the 1850 census with the Tullers.

I'll start with Jacob H. Robinson b: 1790 Vermont on Sheri's tree
JOHN ROBINSON b: 1760 Lebanon, Connccticut
Ichabod Robinson b: 1720 Duxbury, Massachusetts
John Robinson, Reverend, b: 1670 Duxbury, Massachusetts
Samuel Robinson b: 1640 Dorcester, Massachusetts
William Robinson b: 1615 Canterbury, England
John Robinson b: 1588 Barton St. David, Somerset,  England

We come out with the same people! Ichabod Robinson b: 1720.

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