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Autosomal DNA Testing on Frank Hugh Robinson's Descendants

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
Four of our Robinson family members have had the autosomal DNA test at FTDNA which is the familyfinder test in Houston, Texas. This is from Frank Hugh Robinson b: 1870 in Wenona, Illinois who moved to Hillsboro, Oregon.  Frank was the grandfather of Kenneth, David and Nadene.  He was Steve's great grandfather.   It showed that:

Kenneth Robinson matched his 1st cousins, David                   with 929.99cMs.
                                                                  Nadene                with 957.07cMs
   with Nadene's son, a 1st cousin once removed  Steve          with 641.43cMs.
New England, where these Robinsons lived, last being Vermont.  The oral history is that the ancestor came over on a ship after the Mayflower.  That would have been about 1630 one possibly in that fleet from England

Autosomal DNA

One may be able to find a Stewart cousin via genealogical research or via anautosomal test (e.g., Family Finder) of one's own DNA. Identifying the common ancestor of distantly related cousins via shared autosomal DNA segments can be frustrating. Cousins may or may not inherit enough of the same DNA to show that they have a common ancestor.
  • A child randomly receives half of his autosomal DNA from his mother and half from his father.
  • First Cousins may inherit a quarter of their DNA from one of their common grandparents.
  • Second Cousins may inherit an eighth of their DNA from their common great-Gparents.
  • Third Cousins may inherit a sixteenth of their DNA from their common ggGparents.
  • Fourth Cousins may inherit a 32nd of their DNA from their common gggGparents.
  • Fifth Cousins may inherit a 64th of their DNA from their common ggggGparents.
  • Sixth Cousins may inherit 128th of their DNA from their common gggggGparents - segments of DNA become so small at this level and beyond that accurate comparisons may not be possible.

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