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FamilyFinder Resuts IN For Robinson

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

A Reverend John Robinson was the man who sent the Pilgrims over from Holland to the New World on the ship, the Mayflower in 1620..  He didn't make it over, but his son, Isaac, came on a ship after the Mayflower.  John had died in Holland.  
Descendants of JOHN (Rev.) Robinson
1   JOHN (Rev.) Robinson b: Bet. 1575 - 1576 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, or Lincolnshire, England d: February 19, 1624/25 in Leyden, Holland Age at birth of first child: 31 est. Age at first Marriage: 33 est.
.. +Bridget White b: 1579 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, England d: 1643 in Massachusetts Age at birth of first child: 27 est. Age at first Marriage: 29 est.

From the results of the owner of the website who is a descendant, we are not related to this John, although we have many John Robinsons on our tree as well.  We are a very rare group while this line has proliferated immensely.                                                                                   
The familyfinder test from FamilyTreeDNA finally showed its results today.  I was elated!  Ken had 477 matches with only myself, my brother and my son as the 3 closest relatives, which I knew would happen.  Out of the 477 matches, not one was a Robinson.  We have a rare R-L21 Yhaplogroup with #393 allele being a 12 and not a 13, making us very rare, evidently in the Robinson world.

Now, I'll hope that all those other  474 people have well worked family trees and will be able to find a Robinson who is on their tree who could be our Robinson ancestor.  That would be nice.

Come on Robinsons.  Take the family finder test at Family Tree DNA.  If' you've already taken an autosomal somewhere else, please let me know and also transfer a copy of the results  to GedMatch.  There we can compare our results.

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