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FamilyFinder Paying Off for Robinson Roots

 Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

My familyfinder test on my 1st cousin, a Robinson, didn't turn up one Robinson who had tested.  Even the Robinson with a distance of 5 steps on our own haplogroup and who had  taken the test is not a match with chromosomes.
Then I entered Robinson as a name in another section where one meets people who match.  They have listed family surnames on their tree and it shows up here.  Robinson popped up in blue so I would notice it on people who were introduced to me without the surname of Robinson.  Ah ha!

SWT's name came up and his surname was in my Family treemaker program!  There was only one entry and that was someone born in about 1609 in Meppershal, Bedfordshire, England who had married Alice Robinson, the name in blue. SWT is the brother of NA.

That is where our haplogroup match had found  the origin of his tree to be; Meppershal, and I figure it has to be ours, too, though we have a distance of 5.  He is not a match to us on family finder which was disappointing.

Another lady matched who had also been a match to my brother and myself who had the Winthrop Fleet of 1630 on her tree.  She lives in Canada and her family had moved there.  We shared another surname of which 6 were on my tree.  A few were in Vermont.  Swanton, Vermont  was one place.  I'm sure I have Robinsons in Swanton. I found Amos Robinson living there b: 1827.  Since Abaithar was born in 1829, Abiathar could be an unlisted brothers of Amos for some reason or other; maybe because he was born in December.  Amos's father was Brown Robinson b: 1799 Vermont married to Sally Orcutt
The father of Brown was Stephen Robinson,
Amos was born in 135
Nathaniel was born in 1691
George was born in 1655
His father, George, was born in 1626 either in Scotland or England, which might take care of our weird Robinson allele #393 being a 12.
It doesn't lead to Meppershal, though.

There was another lady, NA,  that both my brother and I had found on our matches before and now she also matches my cousin.  She was able to list the people that matched her, her brother and my cousin by chromosome number, start and end location.  I wonder if it was automatically produced or by her hand.  It was very nice to see.

Resource: Familyfinder at FTDNA, an autosomal DNA test

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