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Abiathar Smith of Maine and Several Abiathar Robinsons

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

                                     Captain John Smith (1580-21 June 1631) of Virginia. "He claimed descent from the ancient Smith family of Cuerdley Lancashire and was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth, from 1592–1595.

My googling uncovered an Abiathar Smith of Maine.  This is very exciting since my ggrandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson, doesn't seem to have any father in Vermont or New York, and DNA shows that we match a line of Robinsons who have been living in Maine!

A line in a bio says, "Mr. Holbrook's father, Elisha Holbrook, came from Cape Cod and settled at Isle au Haut about the year 1800.  There he married a daughter of Abiathar Smith."

Cape Cod is in Massachusetts.  My grandfather's oral history is that his ancestors came to America not on the Mayflower but a ship after that.  The first Smith on our shores was Captain John Smith, but he went to Virginia.  Since then, Smith is probably the most common name in the United States.  Robinson is #16.

I never thought that there would ever be an Abiathar Smith.  I thought Smith was simply his mother's maiden name, which is a custom in naming in England.  It still must be, but who would have ever thought that an Abiathar would be connected to such a common name as Smith.  Abiathar was quite important in the Bible.

 "in the Hebrew Bible, son of Ahimelech or Ahijah, High Priest at Nob, the fourth in descent from Eli (1 Sam. 23:6) and the last of Eli's House. The only one of the priests to escape from Saul's massacre, he fled to David at Keilah, taking with him the ephod and other priestly regalies (1 Sam. 22:20 f., 23:6, 9). He was of great service to David, especially at the time of the rebellion of Absalom, his son. ."

My clues are now that Abiathar Smith settled in 1777.
in 1790 he was in Lincoln, Maine
1793 he was in Waldo, Maine at age 77; born in 1716
1800 he was in Hancock, Maine.
1810 he was in Plymouth, Massachusetts
He was in the Revolutionary War.
 He was born in 1793.
In 1870 he lived in Waldo, Maine.
He was born in 1849 in St. Lawrence, New York
He was in Massachusetts military
He died in 1872 in Massachusetts
Spouse was Eunice Stewart of Massachusetts
Abiathar Richard Smith was born August 3, 1852 in Worcestershire, England and died August 16, 1909 in Ogden, Utah.

There are 40 Robinsons buried in Waldo, Maine but Captain Micah Robinson is the oldest, born 1782 and died 1859.  He's not in my name bank.

Abiathar is a very rare first name.  I have found several.  
1. Abiathar Robinson b: August 8, 1750  in Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts.  married to Buelah Parsons b: February 1, 1753 in Enfield, Connecticut
   Son or daughter was Abiah or Ablah born in 1781 in Granville, Massachusetts.
   Son Erastus b abt 1777 in Granville married Sally Burnwell.  They had no children listed.  However, in looking back, I had found their ancestors.

Abiathar's father was :
1. Daniel Robinson, Captain.  b: 1725 in Durham, Connecticut married to Abigail Curtis.  I have 13 children listed for him.
2. David Robinson b: 1694 in Guilford, Connecticut. Married to Rebecca Miller.  He had 13 children.
3. David Robinson b: 1660 in Gildford, Connecticut married to Abigail Kirby.  He had 3 children (1 boy).
4. Thomas Robinson b: 1614 in Surrey, England,  married Mary Wells, died in Hartford, Connecticut, had 8 children.

2. Abiathar Robinson b: June 22, 1788 in Foxborough, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  Married Nancy Fisher.   Died May 2, 1853
   I have no children listed to follow.
                                                Mayflower 1620 landed at Plymouth Rock

My grandfather, Frank Hugh Robinson, said his family came on the ship after the Mayflower.  I did find a Thomas Robinson age 31 on the Ann & Elizabeth on April 24, 1635.  A 2nd check on this and I didn't see it again, but I did find others.

Elizabeth Robinson age 32 came over on the BLESSING in 1635.  All the rest I list came in 1635.
   Joseph Robinson age 5 may have been with her on the BLESSING.
   Katherine Robinson age 12   BLESSING
   Mary Robinson age 7  BLESSING
   Sarah Robinson age 18 months  BLESSING
   Nicholas  Robinson age 30 on BLESSING.  (I have no Nicholas in my name bank of my program.  )

Isaac (Isack) Robinson age 15 came over on the HOPEWELL  1635.  He may have been Reverend John Robinson's son.
                               Young Robinsons Working on Ships Bound for Barbados 1635

1. David Robinson age 20 on ship Bonaventure on April 3rd  born 1615
2. John Robinson age 19 on ship Bonaventure on April 3rd  born 1616
3. Thomas Robinson age 31 on Ann & Elizabeth on April 24  born 1604
4. William Robinson age 16 on Matthew on April 21  born 1619
5. John Robinson age 19 on Expedition on November 20th  born 1616
6. Thomas Robinson age 15 on Expedition on November 15th  born 1620
7. Leonard Robinson age 20 on Falcon on December 19th   born 1615
8. James Robinson age 15 on Falcon on December 25th born 1620

Maybe Abiathar Smith Robinson is from a completely different line of an unknown Robinson I haven't found to work up.  Maybe they can connect to James Alton's Maine Robinson line after all.  I know we match very few Robinsons so are quite elusive; the last of a line, possibly.  Strange that Abiathar could have entered Royalton, a city full of Robinsons, and not be related to any of them!


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