Tuesday, July 27, 2010


William Robinson's webpage on DYS393=12

Donna Robinson heard from William Robinson on this one. He has a page about DYS 393=12, which our family of Robinsons has. That makes this very exciting. Go to this and read about it.


7/30/10 William stated in an email that: My Robinson line migrated from Henrico Virginia through the CumberlandGap to Temperance Hall Tennessee in 1797. Cumberland Robinson was born on Cumberland mountain in August of that year. Two books which have some info are Temperance Hall Remembers and The History of DeKalb Co,Tennessee. Most of the information found on the web. Perhaps you'llfind a name linkage.

I'm quite sure that our New England Robinsons is not connected to these southern Robinsons, but if there was a Kentucky connection, it would be possible. My grandfather had a brother who was said to have moved to Kentucky. Our hits have been in Ireland but not Scotland, even though we have a dys 393=12.


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