Wednesday, March 24, 2010


DYS=12 Near Romans in Britain

Haplotype 35

"Most of these haplotypes appear to originate from areas of Britain
near the Antonine Wall, Hadrian's Wall and other places of Roman fortification or settlement.
These areas include Galloway, Dumfries, Ayrshire and The Borders in Scotland, and
Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Shropshire and Staffordshire in England.
Many of the Roman troops stationed in these areas came from Southeastern Europe
or Western Asia. They included Sarmatians, Dacians, Goths, Syrians, Mesopotamians,
Thracians and Anatolians. The Capelli study has shown that these areas also exhibit higher
than average frequencies of haplogroups
E3b and J2, neither of which is native to Britain.
E3b is found most commonly in North Africa, Iberia, the Mediterranean and the Near East,
and J2 occurs most frequently in the Near East, the Mediterranean and Western Asia."

I think what this article is saying is that our DNA was carried by Romans working in Britain and that's how our ancestor came from someplace in England, whether it was Ireland or England. Who would have thought our ancestor would have been someone other than a tribal member of Britain? I'm not sure we fit the definition of haptlotype 35, but we do have the DYS#393=12, which is necessary for this and we are of R1b1b2 haplogroup.


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