Friday, November 13, 2009


Birth Records in Vermont-Go to Towns

Towns in Vermont were not required to send birth information to the state record department until 1857. If your ancestor was born before then, they will not have it.

It is suggested that we contact each individual town at the town clerks office. It was a requirement for vital events to be recorded with the town clerk beginning circa 1779. That means that somewhere, Abiathar Smith Robinson should be recorded as he was born in 1829 and I believe in the month of December.

I can just picture it. A log cabin with snow deep on the ground and his mother giving birth, possibly alone, in the cabin. She was a brave lady. It's even more amazing that he lived considering the weather and the habit of baptizing babies in cold unheated churches, even in winter.

Reference: Christie Carter, Ass. State Archivist, Vermont State Archives & Records Administration, Middlesex, Vermont, 802-828-2397

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