Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Match Found: James Robinson Also R1b1b2 on 12 alleles

A Canadian Robinson researcher has been researching a town in Canada, Lacolle in Quebec and found four Robinson families. He feels that one of these families is his, so he has done extensive research on all four including dna testing.

A Robinson, now living in California, is our perfect 12 allele match, the first one I have been aware of.

This new line goes back to Chase Robinson b: 1790 in the United States and his wife, Rowena Abel. They were Adventists.

I have found them on the 1851 census in Huntington County, St. Bernard de Lacolle with children John, Hiram, Orange, Joseph and Mary.

On the 1861 census in St. Jean, La Colle in Quebec they were with children Sarah, Richard, Welthey, Lidy and Heman who was listed as Etranges a la famille. Chase is 70 years old and Rowena is 60. Little Heman is only 7 years old.

Thank you to Rick Robinson who has been doing so much research. Hopefully out of all the Robinsons in Canada and the USA we can find his connection. I think our journey with our dna facts has just begun.
Possibility of Sharing a Common Ancestor
4 generations ago abt 1909 33.57%
8 " " " 1809 55.88%
12 " " 1709 70.69%
16 " " " 1609 80.53k%
20 " " " 1509 87.07%
24 " " " 1409 91.41%

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