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Lacolle, Quebec, Canada

Lacolle, Quebec

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Location within Le Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality.
Coordinates (1, rue de l'Église Sud [1]): 45°04′53″N 73°22′22″W / 45.08139°N 73.37278°W /


Lacolle is a municipality in southern Quebec, Canada located in the administrative area of the Montérégie. The population as of the Canada 2006 Census was 2,512. The Lacolle River runs though the middle of the town.

The written history of Lacolle can be traced back to July 4, 1609 when Samuel de Champlain and his entourage stopped briefly at the mouth of a small stream for a meal before continuing southward up the Richelieu River into the lake which now bears his name. In his journal Champlain referred to the location of the delta as "Lacole". When translated literally the term means the neck of a bottle or that which is above the shoulders.

This is the town where our dna match can be traced back to a Chase Robinson who lived here. He was on the 1851 census of Lacolle at age 61. This means he was born in the United States in 1790, probably somewhere near Canada, possibly in Vermont. Vermont is where my great grandfather Abiathar Smith Robinson was born. He did go somewhere in Canada during the Civil War period and then when the war was over, migrated down to Wenona, Illinois. I believe his mother was living there by then.
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