Thursday, November 21, 2013


Irish Haplogroup, R1b Meaning for Robinsons

Mayo, Ireland:  The paternal DNA lineages were less diverse (88% of participants were haplogroup R1b), likely a result of the dominance of a few male leaders like King Niall of the Nine hostages, as well as the historical influence of the Viking raids from across the North Sea.

Our family of Robinsons are R1b1a2a1a1b4 with DYS#393 being 12, and not 13.  The 12 tells us our matches are in Ireland and not England.  There are many Robinsons with a 13 for #393, but it's rare to find the 12like ours.  


Update: on R1b1a2a1a1b4

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Hello! I just began following your Google+ account, a little while ago, and right away, I saw this post. I am working on an family tree, and I am stuck on some "Robbins" ancestors. Isn't "Robbins" a part of the "Robinson" family? Anyhow, I have assumed that I am likely the paternal haplogroup that you say is attached to the Robinson name, just because I have noticed that a large amount of my 23andMe genetic matches appear to have that paternal haplogrouping (my father is going to test for me, so that I can get my paternal haplogroup). Also, by the way, the whole reason that I even found this blog of yours (or I guess really not THIS one, but another attached to you- maybe via your Google+ account), was because I was doing a Google search for my husband's paternal haplogroup, which is E1b1b1c1a. His grandfather came over from Sicily, as far as I know, so I assume that that's where he gets that paternal haplogrouping from (as far as I can tell, at this point- which isn't too far, I'll admit- no one is Jewish in his family, outside of his uncle's wife and their resulting children). Thank you for this interesting blog.
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