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Robinson to Hyde to Stephen Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of USA

Nadene Goldfoot
I had connected my mother's genealogy of Robinson to Hyde.  Amos Robinson II had married Deborah Hyde on 11 May, 1758. in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut, I believe.  I have deliberately connected my greatgrandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson of Royalton, VT to Cyrus B. Robinson 1808-1864 also of Royalton, VT as his father.  Cyrus's father was Amos Robinson, Jr. 1737-1836 of of CT who died in Illinois.  His father was Amos Robinson 1734-1812 Mass, NH, married to Deborah Hyde. 

Now that I had many Hydes that I had located, I spotted an obituary in our Oregonian of a Simeon Hyde two Sundays ago and wondered if there was a connection.  After much searching, I found there was and that he was my 7th cousin once removed. 

In  going over the people and finding more information with this new surname interest, I happened to find a connection to Grover Cleveland, former President!  What a shock.   It turns out that Grover Cleveland's father was Reverend Richard Falley Cleveland whose father was William Cleveland, whose father was Reverend Aaron Cleveland married to Abiah Hyde. (Her name makes me wonder, as my grandfather b: 1829 was Abiathar).  Being a Hyde, she connected to my collection of Hydes that goes back to John Hyde b: 1667 in Norwich, CT.  which is the person that I found as a connection to the late Simeon Hyde.  This all makes me a 5th cousin 3 times removed to the president! 

This all comes from my obsession in doing searches on everyone that I get results.  When I see parents, I just keep going.  Finally it has paid off in being able to connect to another president.  Because of the good records and family trees on, I have taken the Hydes all the way back to William Hyde b: 1597 in Stockport, Cheshire, England.  Samuel, his son, died in Norwich, CT, so they moved to that area quickly.  The surprise on me was that when I started this search, Simeon came from South Carolina, and I thought that this was a completely different branch, if a branch at all.  The Civil War did move people about, I found.  I think if was a northerner who married a southern belle and found himself removed to the south.  It was Simeon Hyde b: 1810 of CT who married Ann Tupper b: 1822 of S.C.

My first experience was in connecting my mother to Bess Truman, Harry Truman's wife.  That is, if I waded through a zillion Clarks correctly in order to get to the Trumans, we are connected.  That's another story.

My mother's wish, as she watched me do our genealogy, was that she'd connected to Royalty.  Hope this fits the bill. 

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I was reading your post and thought I would add a comment on Simeon Hyde, of whom I am also a descendant. Family legend has it that the Hydes had a successful hardware business in the North, and wished to open a "branch" in Charleston (this was before the war). The brothers drew straws to see who would move to Charleston to oversee the business, and Simeon was selected.
Great. Usually the program tells me when somebody leaves a message, but didn't do it, so sorry I'm so late in replying. Yes, I have 4 Simeon Hydes on the tree. I think the first one is yours. Descendants of Simeon Hyde

1 Simeon Hyde b: October 24, 1810 in Groton, New London, Connecticut
.. +Ann Eliza Tupper b: May 22, 1822 in Charleston, South Carolina
. 2 Eliza Frances Hyde b: December 05, 1843 in Charleston, South Carolina
. 2 Joseph Bell Hyde b: February 03, 1847 in Charleston, South Carolina
. 2 Kate Hyde b: 1852 in Charleston, SC Wd 1
. 2 Fanny Belle Hyde b: September 1854 in Charleston, SC Wd 2
. 2 Simeon Hyde b: October 11, 1856 in Charleston, South Carolina
..... +Lila Gale b: August 01, 1858 in Charleston, South Carolina
. 2 Nancy Tupper Hyde b: February 02, 1859 in Charleston, South Carolina
..... +John Allen Easley b: October 24, 1853 in South Carolina
. 2 Tristram Tupper HYDE b: July 03, 1862 in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina
..... +Minnie Bell Black b: October 11, 1862 in Charleston, South Carolina
. *2nd Wife of Tristram Tupper HYDE:
..... +Sue Estelle Thomas b: March 14, 1881 in Santuc, Union, South Carolina
So we're cousins!

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