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Kings and Queens: Famous People on our Robinson Tree Found-Hydes and Rix, and possible new line of Robinsons

Nadene Goldfoot
I have been madly working on our Robinson line which connects to a Hyde, Durkee and Rix line and have found on the Hyde side that we are connected to Anne Hyde who was married to King James II of England, Scotland and Ireland. and who had two girls, Mary and Anne who also became queens. 

1 ANNE HYDE b: March 22, 1637/38 in Cranbourne Lodge, Windsor in Berkshire,Windsor, England
.. +King James, II, Duke of York and VII b: October 14, 1633 in St. James Palace, London, England
. 2 Mary II of England, Queen England, Scotland, Ire b: April 30, 1662
..... +William III andII, King England, Scotland, Ireland b: November 04, 1650 in The Hague in the Dutch Republic , House of Orange-Nassau
. 2 Anne of Great Britain, Queen b: February 06, 1664/65 in St. James' Palace, London, England
..... +Prince George b: April 02, 1653 in Copenhagen, Denmark, House of Oldenburg
..... 3 Mary
..... 3 Anne Sophia
..... 3 William Henry, Duke of Gloucester b: 1688
. 2 Girl England b: February 09, 1670/71

Not only kings and queens of England but I found out that through this same tree we are connected to President Grover Cleveland as well

However, we do have Hydes on the tree through my mother's father's mother's side of the family.
They connect  in two ways; Deborah Hyde 1734-1780  was married to Amos Robinson II 1734-1812.
 I have assumed that Amos Robinson's son Cyrus was the father of my ggrandfather, Abiathar Smith Robinson. Samuel Hyde 1636's daughter, Elizabeth married Richard Lord.  Their daughter Elizabeth Ford/Lord 1679 married Thomas Durkee 1666. Julia Ann Tuller, my maternal ggrandmother's mother was Asenath Durkee b: 1814-1816.  So if I'm wrong about Amos and Cyrus being my mother's paternal  Robinson line, I've been working on another.

On the October 28, 1850 census in Royalton, Vermont in the home of Julia Ann Tuller age 15 lived a 51 year old John Robinson, born about 1798-99 in Vermont,  like a boarder or partner with her father, Alonzo Charles Tuller.  He was listed as a farmer.  I haven't been able to trace him at all.  He had no wife.  He was not on the 1860 census but then neither were Abiathar and Julia.  Then I realized that I did have a John Robinson born in 1798 in Scio, Cayuga, New York.  Now, the later census did have Abiathar saying he was born in NY.  Part of Vermont had belonged to NY originally.  Abiathar's first son was named Rix Robinson.  Rix was a strange first name.  I started checking and discovered that Asenath's father was Heman Durkee, Jr. and that his father, Heman Durkee b: 1759 was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War and that he was married to Susanna Rix b: 1764, (my 4th great grandmother) daughter of Elisha Daniel Rix, Deacon and wife Rebecca Johnson!  I've now traced the Rix family all the say back to 1592 to Robert Rix from Kenninghall, Norfolk, England. 

The interesting thing is that my grandfather's oral history told of a member of the family, I thought it was his brother, that had married an Indian princess in Kentucky. (They were great lover of horses) and Kentucky is connected with horses as well. 

John Robinson b: 1798-99 lived with the Tullers in 1850 in Royalton, Vermont.  I haven't been able to trace him.  There is this one I  found,  a John Robinson 1798 born in Scio, NY who could be the same John as he  is the son of Edward R. Robinson b: 1763 in Preston, CT who was married to Eunice Rix b: 1765!  Now I have a  line of Robinsons back to Francis Robinson b: 1672 in Newport, Rhode Island.  A problem with this Robinson is that he is also listed on the July 1, 1850 census in Michigan, but his wife died in 1849 in Ottawa, Michigan where they had lived, so maybe he being alone, left the state and did some exploring, winding up in Vermont. 

I had just canceled my subscription to and it stopped yesterday, so I will wait till the 1940 census is available before subscribing to it again, but feel that a dna test is the best way to find out about this new line of Robinsons from John who wound up in Michigan.  Hope they have some living male Robinsons. The litmus test of who is our Robinson line is the 67 allele dna test we have done on my mother's brother's son.  It is haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b4 with allele 393 being a 12 and not a 13.  When things get sticky, the only way to find out is with dna.  If you have had a test and your alleles start of with 12, 21, 14, 11, 11 please contact me.  I see that Rix on familytreedna also has R1b1a2, and one I saw was R1b1a2a1a1a4.  A John had R1b1a2a1a1b4, like our Robinson line, only he started with #393 as 13

Descendants of Edward R. Robinson

1 Edward R. Robinson b: June 16, 1763 in Preston, New London, Connecticut
.. +Eunice Rix b: July 03, 1765 in Preston, New London, Connecticut
. 2 Rix Robinson, Senator b: August 28, 1789 in Richmond, Berkshire, Massachusetts
..... +Se-be-quay "Sippy" River Woman b: Abt. 1789 in Ada, Kent, Michigan
. *2nd Wife of Rix Robinson, Senator:
..... +Pee-miss-a-quot-oquay Flying Cloud b: Abt. 1789
..... 3 John Rix Robinson b: March 05, 1826 in Duck Lake, Muskegon, Michigan
. 2 John ROBINSON b: April 12, 1798 in Scipio, Cayuga, New York
..... +Eliza Fowler b: Abt. 1800 in Cayuga, New York
..... 3 Ethern Robinson b: 1823 in New York
......... +Eliza A. b: 1829 in New York
......... 4 James Robinson b: 1847 in Ottawa, Michigan
......... 4 Araliza Robinson b: July 1850 in Michigan
..... 3 Erastus Robinson b: June 10, 1826 in Cayuga, New York
......... +Maryerre Wheelock b: May 14, 1831 in Ohio/Erie, Pennsylvania
......... 4 Elsie Robinson b: 1854 in Michigan
......... 4 Alden E. Robinson b: 1856 in Michigan
......... 4 Homer Robinson b: 1861 in Michigan
......... 4 Channey Robinson b: 1864 in Michigan
......... 4 Howard Chapin Robinson b: February 11, 1865 in Pennsylvania
............. +Mary Elizabeth Robbins b: November 1873 in Ontario, Canada
............. 5 Lola D. Robinson b: 1893 in Michigan
............. 5 Homer L. Robinson b: May 11, 1895 in Harrison, Clare, Michigan
................. +Virginia L. Crawford b: May 14, 1912 in Milwood, Grayson, Kentucky
............. 5 Howard H. Robinson b: 1899 in Michigan
............. 5 Blanch M. Robinson b: 1900 in Michigan
............. 5 Loarmer E. Robinson b: 1902 in Michigan
............. 5 Theodore R. Robinson b: 1904 in Michigan
............. 5 Milford A. Robinson b: 1908 in Michigan
............. 5 Clement Robinson b: 1913 in Michigan
..... 3 Franklin W. Robinson b: 1842 in New York
..... 3 Alfred Robinson
. 2 Clarinda Robinson b: September 23, 1806 in Scipio, Cayuga, New York

Watch about illigitamacy of Queen Elizabeth-through Edward IV who was fathered by an English archer.

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Hi there, I was doing some family research myself and stumlbed on your genealogy. I am a desendant of Rix Robinson also. No one in my family really does any paper history so its all oral and heresay. From what ive been told, Rix's son John had a boy (my GGrandpas dad) who then had my GGrandpa(1920ish) who had 2 boys and 1 girl (my grandma) (1945-50). My GGrandpa passed away but all 3 of the kids are alive and living in Michigan. Also, one of the brothers has two boys that are in their mid 20's so hopefully the name continues with them. Just thought id let you know since you were wondering about desendants in Michigan.
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