Friday, November 19, 2010


Finding a 1682 Connection To Today's New Cousin

The exciting part of doing genealogy of your family is finding a cousin that has a comnmon ancestor with you from way back in 1682. I was contacted by Caroly Higgins because I had my tree in JewishGen where my tree has not only Jewish ancestors but Gentile as well.

My mother married my Jewish father and converted. On her side of the tree, I have traced the family back to an Abigail Case who had married Jonah Westover, the person I was just contacted about. Abigail was the daughter-in-law of Hannah Westover nee Griswald and was born in May 4, 1682 in Simsbury, Connecticut. Abigail is my 7th great grandaunt.

As it turns out, Jonah Westover is her grandmother's 6th grandfather.

My mother, Mildred Elizabeth Goldfoot nee Robinson's father is the family involved. His father was Abiathar Smith Robinson, and his mother was Asinath Durkee and his father was a Tuller.

I traced the Tullers that I have, and that is a lot, to turn up Jonah Westover and his son, who had married Abigail Case. I then saw that I had a John Tuller who had married Elizabeth Case. Elizabeth was the sister of Abigail Case.

I see that it's important to get information on the whole family if you want to find connections. I've just gone back 328 years or about 13 generations and have found a connection.

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