Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Cyrus B Robinson-Gggrandfather?

I'm looking for my great great grandfather, father of Abiathar Smith Robinson. Here's a possibility.
Cyrus B. Robinson was born November 4, 1809 in Royalton, Vermont. This is the town that Julia Ann Tuller came from. She had married Abiathar. They actually married a few miles away in Tunbridge.
Cyrus had married Thankful Preston. She was born October 28, 1811 in Strafford, Orange, VT.
They married on January 1831 in Vermont.
In the record of 1840, I see they had a boy that could have been born in 1829, the year Abiathar was born. He remains unknown. Perhaps he even died. His birth doesn't jive with the parents's wedding, but sometimes that happens.
Cyrus died February 24, 1864 in Sharon, Windsor, VT. Thankful died after 1850.
Cyrus was the son of Amos Jr, born in Lebanon, CT. He had moved to Decatur, Macon, Illinois. I've been in contact with some of his descendants, so it would be nice to be connected to this tree. The coincidental thing is that Abiathar had also moved to Wenona, Illinois after the Civil War around 1865.
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