Friday, October 29, 2010


Rowland Robinson of Ferrisburgh, VT, Artist

Life in Vermont 1780-1791

A drawing by Rowland Robinson of Ferrisburgh, Vt.depicts hard-working settlers clearing the forest,dragging the logs to market and burning the remaining wood in pits.from the Rokeby Museum1770 - Green Mountain Boys organized to protect New Hampshire Grants1775 - Ethan Allen captures Fort Ticonderoga1776 - 1783 -Many Native Americans side with British against American colonists1777 - Vermont declares itself a republic in Windsor adopting the 1st Constitution with universal male suffrage, public schools, and abolishing slavery1779 - Property rights established for women1780 - Last major Indian raid, led by the British, in Royalton1783 - Peace Treaty ended the Revolutionary War and 80,000 Loyalists emigrated north to Canada1791 - Vermont becomes 14th state1791 - University of Vermont chartered1791 - Population of Vermont is 85,3411810 - Population of Vermont is 217,895

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