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John Robinson, father of Abiathar? From Weathersfield, Vt

Living with the Tuller family in Royalton, Windsor, Vermont in 1850 was a John Robinson age 51, farmer. Was he just a helping hand, boarder, or was he family? At the time Julia Ann was 15 years old and Abiathar would have ben 21.

I found a John Robinson on the 1840 census, not in Royalton, but in Weathersfield, Windsor, Vermont. He was from age 30-39 and had a son from 10-14 years of age, one from 5-9 years of age and one under 5. He had a wife of the same age as he, a daughter 15-19 and another under 5 besides having another female 40-49 years old and yet another 60-69. There were 9 people in the family altogether. Could this be the John living with the Tullers? Where was his family other than Abiathar?

Robinsons were found in a cemetery in Royalton, Vermont. Howe or Hickey Cemetery on the North Road in Royalton, VT was sold in 1795 by Abijah Burbank to a local committee, Luther Fairbanks and Nathan Page, whose families, with those of Theodore Howe and the Dunhams, Bowens. Beldings, Banisters, and Robinsons, are buried here, their stones now over­grown and falling. Besides Timothy Banister (?), Revolutionary veterans buried here are James Huntington, Kiles Paul, and Israel Waller.

Durkees were found in North Royalton Cemetery which also had burials before the raid. The greatest number of early burials are here, many with hand some slate stones. Revolutionary veterans known to be buried here are, besides Timothy Durkee, Matthew Atherton, Stephen Backus, John Billings, Samuel Clapp Jr., Benjamin Day, Heman Durkee, John Hibbard Jr., John H. Hutchin­son, Zebulon Lyon, Benjamin Parkhurst, Isaac Pinney, Jeremiah Russ, lsaac Skinner, Isaac Walbridge, Zachariah Waldo, and Ebenezer Woodward Sr.

Havens Cemetery, land sold to Dist. 2 in 1812 by Daniel and Ira Havens; it had already been in use at least ten years. Revolutionary veterans: David Ames, Thomas Bingham, Samuel Howe, Na­thaniel Morse, John Root, Jeremiah Trescott, and William Waterman. Holly Waterman is my 4th cousin and has been a huge help in searching and working on our genealogy.

Tunbridge is just a little ways away from Royalton, VT but in Orange County. It's where Abaithar and Julia Ann got married in 1852. Tunbridge was first settled in 1776. It is 26 miles S. by E. from Montpelier, 7 S. from Chelsea, and 30 N. by W. from Windsor. Population, 1830, 1,920.
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