Saturday, October 30, 2010


Rowland Robinson of Rhode Island

It was said that most of the Rhode Island families of Robinson were descended from Rowland Robinson. Records showed that an Amos Robinson, an Indian was probably owned as a slave by the Robinson family of South Kingston, R.I. so I became interested in this town. A lot of Robinsons still lived there in 1930.

On South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island 1930 census was:

Frank W. Robinson b: 1852 RI
Samuel Robinson b: 1859 RI
Rowland R. Robinson b: 1863 RI and wife Mary P.H.
Annie I Robinson b: 1870 RI
Percy Robinson b: 1884 RI and wife Bessie
George E Robinson b: 1886 RI
Frank A Robinson b: 1887 RI and wife Sadie Y.
Elisha N Robinson b: 1892 RI and wife Anna P.
Thurston Robinson b: 1894 RI and wife Mildred B.
Mildred E Robinson b: 1897 RI
Frank A. Robinson b: 1897 RI
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