Saturday, September 25, 2010


Jacob and Edward Robinson of New England

An email today tells me of a Jacob Robinson b: about 1670 in New Haven, CT or MA. The same family also has Edward Robinson who was in Providence, RI in 1660. Writer Bonny Cook has additional information besides the Y67 dna tests and the family finder.

I didn't find them on my extensive Robinson collection, so they may not be a part of Reverend John Robinson's family tree.

I did read sometime back that "Robinson" was the 16th most popular surname in the USA.

After a few minutes of search on in family trees of the Bradley family, I found a Jacob Robinson married to Experience Rogers whose son was also Jacob Robinson born 15 May 1672 in New Haven, CT who married in 1690 to Sarah Hitchcock and then he died in 1747 in New Haven. I found several Robinson trees with Exerience listed as the spouse.

As for Edward, I did find a tree with an Edward Robinson b: 1670 listing Elizabeth Justis as the spouse. They married on 18 October 1720. Reference: Swedish Colonial Society. It didn't say if Edward was in Providence, RI.

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I'm looking for more info on that branch. I have an exact DNA match with the descendants of George Robinson (b. abt. 1805). They have yet to find his father, so I am interested in Jacob (the younger) who did have a son named George born in in 1805. We're R1b1a2 and earned our own Cluster on the Robinson DNA Project! We're R1b-Cluster 6. Now I'm just waiting for someone else to pop up in there! My family history website is at
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